NY State Police Troop K

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New York State Police Troop K

New York State Police Troop K Headquarters - Poughkeepsie

Identifyer Role/Covrage Area
K11 to K17, K19 & K80 to K88 Commercial Vehicles Enforcment Unit
K101 to K111 TMIs
K201 to K203 CITE Car

Zone 1 - Livingston (Kinderhook, Pine Plains, New Lebanon, Rhinebeck)

Identifyer Covrage Area
1K10 to 1K19 Livingston
1K20 to 1K23 Kinderhook
1K30 to 1K38 Rhinebeck
1K36 Pine Plains
1K40 to 1K43 New Lebanon
1K50 Zone 1 SGT
1K80 & 1K81 Zone 1 K9s

Zone 2 - Wappinger (Brewster, Dover Plains, East Fishkill, LaGrangeville, Stormville)
(Zone 2 Cars in Putnam County are offten dispached by Putnam 911)

Identifyer Covrage Area
2K10 to 2K19 Wappinger
2K20 to 2K29 Dover Plains
2K31 to 2K49 Poughkeepsie
2K40 to 2K43 LaGrangeville
2K50 Zone 2 SGT
2K60 to 2K69 Stormville/East Fishkill
2K70 to 2K77 Brewster/Southeast
2K80 to 2K83 Zone 2 K9s
2K87 Poughkeepsie (Parkway)

'Zone 3- Hawthorne (TMC) (Cortlandt, Lewisboro, Mohegan Lake, Pound Ridge, Somers)

Identifyer Covrage Area
3K10 to 3K19 Hawthorne
3K20 to 3K39 Somers
3K40 to 3K60 Cortlandt/Mohegan Lake
3K50 Zone 3 SGT
3K61 to 3K79 Pound Ridge/Lewisboro
3K80 to 3K86 Zone 3 K9s

Zone 5 - Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
Zone 7 - Local PDs/Other Agencies

Identifyer Covrage Area Notes
7K11? Rhinebeck PD
7K131 to 7K133 Red Hook PD
7K225 to 7K228 Fishkill Village PD
7K241 to 7K245 Brewster PD 7K241, 7K243 & 7K245 - PD Patrol
7K242 - Sergeant
7K244 - K-9
7K250 to 7K251 Millbrook PD
7K340 to 7K349 Lewisboro PD 7K349 - K-9
7K360 to 7K362 North Salem PD
7K365 to 7K368 Pound Ridge PD
7K380 to 7K389 Somers PD

Zone 8 - State Parks Police
Zone 9 - Communications Specialists/Dispatchers
(TMC (Traffic Management Center) Dispatches Zone 3 (Westchester) - TMC Is located at SP Hawthorne)
(Poughkeepsie Dispatches Zone 1 & 2 (Putnam/Dutchess/Columbia) - SP Poughkeepsie is located on Route 44 in Salt Point)
(NYSP Cars in Putnam County are often dispatched by Putnam 911 on the poling frequencies)

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