North Carolina VIPER (Type II) Radio IDs

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North Carolina VIPER (Type II) Radio ID Cross Reference

This is to be used as a tool to assist in identifying users on the VIPER system. Radio ID's are a feature of trunked radio systems. The below list is not all inclusive and is meant to be a reference. Only vague references are provided and info that could potentially compromise operations/agency safety will be reformatted and/or removed.

VIPER Radio ID Cross Reference
Agency Low Range High Range Usage
Duplin County EMS 57500 57520 Duplin County EMS Units
Raleigh Police Handheld Radios 736000 736999 Raleigh Police Handheld Radios
Raleigh Police Mobile Radios 737000 737999 Raleigh Police Mobile Radios
Gaston County 720000 729989 Gaston County Radios

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