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CNI Codes

Criminal Name Index Caution Flags: FLAG ALFA Subject Believed Armed FLAG CHARLIE Subject Believed To Have Contagious Disease FLAG ECHO Subject Believed Escapee FLAG FOXTROT Subject Believed To Have Had Previous Family Violence FLAG MIKE Subject Believed Mentally Ill FLAG SIERRA Subject Believed Suicidal FLAG VICTOR Subject Believed Violent Criminal Name Index and Related Codes Offence CNI Code Violence 302-345 Robbery 356-360 Offensive Weapon 493-499 Break & Enter 371-375 Theft-Vehicle 386-392 Theft 403-426 Drugs 538-561 (Also CDSA - Controlled Drugs & Substances Act) Fraud 448-452 Sex 346 Other Criminal Code 536 Other Federal Statutes 574 Failing To Attend 512 Arson 510 Driving 700 Common Codes: 253 - Possible Drunk Driver