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Software Availability

The following packages are known to work with the GRE and RS object oriented scanners. The best place to find support for this software is the associated Yahoo group; however, the authors for ARC500, Win500, PSREdit and ID Tracker can also be found on the Software forum.

  • Win500
    • This software can record audio and has a provision for remote control, including truly remote monitoring and control: from another Windows PC or a PocketPC device over the Internet
    • The preferred support location for Win500 is the Win500 thread in the RadioReference Software forum
    • Win500 Yahoo group
  • Scan Control
    • This software just recently started supporting these scanners with version 7.0. It is anticipated that record functions will be added in future versions.
    • Scan Control Yahoo group
  • ID Tracker II
    • While this software is not a programming package, it will record audio and accumlate logs of activity. Freeware

Making the Connection

A major difference from other scanners is that the connection to the PC is made via USB, and not a serial cable. The RS scanners do not supply this cable as part of the accessories, but there are places to obtain them. Please see the Connecting scanners via USB article for tips on installation and common problems and resolution.

USB suppliers
  • Place additional manufacturers and supplier here

Control Channel Monitoring Software

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