Object Oriented Scanners Issues

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Please put all information on operating issues (except overloading issues, which has its own article) and how to resolve them here. Be sure to keep the category and return links as the last 2 lines in this article.

This page applies to the following scanners (unless otherwise noted):
Pro-106/197, Pro-107/18, PSR-500/600, PSR-700/800

  • Default scanlist - The default scanlist is 01. If you're creating objects manually but can't find them, check scanlist 01.
  • Search Steps - Search steps or increments are not definable by the user. Try changing the BandPlan setting to Canada for 5 kHz steps. GRE says this feature is often requested.
  • TSYS / TGRP objects - (Pro-106/197 and PSR-500/600 only) A TGRP object must be created before a TSYS. If the NEW / TGRP buttons are pressed too quickly, a blank TGRP is created in the default scanlist. Press the buttons slowly.
  • "Nothing Enabled" error:
    • No scanlists are enabled. Turn on one or more scanlists.
    • Scanlists are enabled but empty. Create and/or associate objects with scanlists.
    • Scanlist is enabled but all objects in scanlist are locked out. Unlock some objects.
    • Note - (Pro-106/197 and PSR-500/600 only) For a TSYS it's possible to lock out a wildcard talkgroup AND the TSYS itself, which will cause "Nothing Enabled" until both are unlocked.
  • If you find the Signal Stalker/Spectrum Sweeper is consistently off frequency (Pro-106/197 and PSR-500/600 only);
    • Prog Func F3 Down To Zeromatic Values
    • Enter The following 8 Numbers In Order

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