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* Countywide/All Call (Used when paging multiple departments to MABAS incidents) Long tone 2806
* Countywide/All Call (Used when paging multiple departments to MABAS incidents) Long tone 2806
'' Rochelle/Ogle-Lee FD ""
'' Rochelle/Ogle-Lee FD ''
* Rochelle Fire
* Rochelle Fire
** Still Alarm 1044
** Still Alarm 1044
** Full Still  1205
** Full Still  1201
* Ogle - Lee FPD
* Ogle - Lee FPD
** All-call
** All-call
** Hillcrest  
** Hillcrest 1234
** Steward  
** Steward  
** Flag Center 1394
** Flag Center 1394
** Creston    1394
** Creston    1403
== Hospitals ==
== Hospitals ==

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Ogle County Government

  • 7/11 FCC Modification for KDF47, adding 155.9025 B/M 11K for Road Maintenance

Ogle County 911

  • Steward and Flag Center Fire both cover parts of Ogle and Lee Counties.
  • 154.34 - Fire West - Forreston, Leaf River, Byron, Stillman Valley, Monroe Center, Lin-Scott-Rock (Lindenwood area/townships) (Simulcast sites connected via Microwave links)
  • 154.16 - Fire East - Rochelle, Creston, Hillcrest, Flag Center, Steward

From a contributor

  • 154.340 is simplex and almost everyone is using a 156.7 PL. Most radios are set to CSQ on RX only. Most agencies label this channel “Ogle” on their radios but any that I have helped with we label it “Ogle Fire.” Paging and regular traffic is all here, except for Rochelle, as described below.
  • 154.385 is the fire ground channel. Most here are using MABAS Red, but will also use this frequency with no PL tone.
  • 154.160 simplex with 156.7 PL is used by Rochelle and the surrounding departments already listed on RR.
  • (AFAIK) There are 4-5 tower sites being used for 154.340 and just one for 154.160. They seem to have the county broken in half East/West and page on the appropriate side of the county for that agency. I was told it’s simulcasted. Any MABAS incident is covered by all sites.
  • Side note: they will start a MABAS incident and if it only includes agencies within the division/county they will not page on IFERN, but instead keep it on 154.340 and use a single long tone group call tone.

Former Fire Frequencies

  • 154.31000 WPKI712 M 79.7 PL Fire/EMS: Orange
  • 154.38500 WPKI712 M 146.2 PL Fire/EMS: Yellow

Ogle County Sheriff's Office

Note: Heard "Adam 1" calling "Ogle County" on "Control 4" (Starcom 21 TG 1026, heard via site 102) to advise that he was enroute to Ogle County from Rosemont. Each commented on how clear the other's signals were. I'm guessing that "Control 4" is their identifier for Starcom 21 TG 1026, and that this was either the Sheriff coming back from some event or conference at a Rosemont hotel or possibly their transport van extriditing a wanted individual from Rosemont PD.

  • WQOQ512 453.6375 Repeater (Low Power 11K), assumed for Jail Operations

Ogle County ESDA

Northern IL Emergency Services Repeater System

  • 147.165R/147.765 146.2 PL N9ECQ/R
  • New Ogle County IL SKYWARN and ARES Freq as of 08/2006 (Net @21:00 Hrs Every Tuesday)

Coverage OUTSTANDING! 400' AGL Serves Lee, DeKalb, Whitesidee, Winnebago, Carroll and Stephenson Counties in IL

  • Sirens in Ogle County are owned by Com Ed/Exelon as they are primarily for use due to the nuclear plant in our county, however, they give us permission to utilize them for storms.

Pager Tones

  • Stillman FPD 1034.7/1217.8
  • Countywide/All Call (Used when paging multiple departments to MABAS incidents) Long tone 2806

Rochelle/Ogle-Lee FD

  • Rochelle Fire
    • Still Alarm 1044
    • Full Still 1201
  • Ogle - Lee FPD
    • All-call
    • Hillcrest 1234
    • Steward
    • Flag Center 1394
    • Creston 1403


Rochelle Community Hospital

  • Website
  • WQBF725 - 462.825 Base/Pagers

Municipalities and Districts

Townships and Water Districts

  • Burlington Township - KNEN648 - 10/14 add 458.4125 10-40wt mobiles (DMR) to 151.13
  • Hampshire Township - KNFC511 - 10/14 add 458.825 10-40wt mobiles (DMR)
  • Lynville Township - WQSM406 -154.0325 Base/Mobile (NFM at Lincolnwood)
  • Oregon-Nashua Townships - WQQG832: 154.8075 Base/Mobile (NFM at Oregon)


Byron Fire Protection District Byron Forest Preserve District


  • WQLH347 956.43125 Microwave/Data (at Chana)

Creston Fire serves parts of Ogle County

Davis Junction (Village)

  • WPVU557 956.39375 Invensys 12K Meter Data


Forreston Fire Protection District

Kirkland (Village)

  • WQPF770 956.31875 Meter Data (at Davis Junction)

Lynnville-Scott-White Rock Fire Protection District

  • Bases located at Davis Junction, Lindenwood (Ogle)

Monroe Township (Monroe Center)

Monroe Township Fire Protection District


Former Frequencies

155.265  WNQH456 	B	123.0 PL	Polo ESDA	Polo ESDA 	FMN
154.190  KNFE678 	BM	        	Polo Fire	Fire 	FMN 	Fire Dispatch 
155.160  KSU388 	BM	131.8 PL	Polo EMS c2c	Polo EMS: Car-to-Car 	FMN

Polo Fire Protection Ambulance Service District


Rochelle Fire also dispatches Ogle-Lee fire departments which are Creston Fire, Hillcrest Fire, Flag Center Fire and Steward Fire.

Unit Numbers

  • 1-B-32 Midwest Medics (Baileyville) [Out of Service 2017]
  • 1-B-33 Midwest Medics (Baileyville) [Out of Service 2017]
  • 1-B-34 Midwest Medics (Baileyville) [Out of Service 2017]
  • 1-F-11 Byron
  • 1-F-17 Stillman Valley
  • 1-F-29 Stillman Valley
  • 1-F-35 Mt Morris
  • 1-F-20 Rochelle / Ogle-Lee
  • 1-F-21 Rochelle/Ogle - Lee


Forrestville? Valley School Distict #221

  • FCC Application 0005989986 for 154.4775 Base/Mobile
  • (NFM Voice Data at Forreston Jr-Sr HS, Forreston Grade School, German Valley Grade School)

Meridian CUSD 223 (Stillman Valley)

WQPJ668 - 155.235 Base/Mobile; 155.175 Mobile (NFM) for School Buses
WQHU369 - 461.425 Repeater; 457.175 Mobile (NFM) Stillman High School

Oregon Community Unit School District #220

Polo Community Unit School District 222

WNJV905  155.205  Base/Mobile (11K)
WPQI573  159.900  Base/Mobile (11K)

Rochelle Schools

Hiawatha CUSD 426 - WNUH964 - 463.55 Repeater (NFM)
Rochelle Township High School District 212
* WQSF690 - 151.3775 Repeater with 154.7325 (NFM)

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