Ohio County Public Safety

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About the System

The Ohio County WV Public Safety trunked system is three-site simulcast Motorola P25 system. The system is predominantly used by the Ohio Co Sheriffs Department and Fire/EMS within the county. Also on the system are the EMA, Animal Control and County Government.

Monitoring the System

You will need a digital scanner to monitor this system. Recommended scanners are the GRE PSR-500 and PSR-600, the Radio Shack Pro-96, Pro-2096, Pro-197 and Pro-106, and the Uniden BCD396T, BCD996T, BCD396XT and BCD996XT.

Being that this is a simulcast P25 digital system, you may have problems monitoring the system due to simulcast digital distortion. If you do encounter this problem, you should attempt to get a directional antenna and aim it at the closest tower site or, better yet, aim your directional antenna in such a way that it nulls out the weaker two sites.

An approximation of the three site locations can be found here.

System Info

Detailed programming information including frequencies, special trunking tables, and talkgroups can be found at the following link:

Ohio County Public Safety Trunking System