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|OwnerLabel = Owners
|OwnerLabel = Owners
|Owner      = Omaha Public Power District, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Council Bluff City
|Owner      = Omaha Public Power District, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Council Bluff City, Sarpy County
|State      = [[Nebraska (US)|Nebraska]], [[Iowa (US)|Iowa]]
|State      = [[Nebraska (US)|Nebraska]], [[Iowa (US)|Iowa]]
|Band      = 800 [[MHz]]
|Band      = 800 [[MHz]]
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|WACN      = BEE00
|WACN      = BEE00
|NAC        = ?
|NAC        = ?
|Callsigns  = {{Callsign|KNER503}}, {{Callsign|KNER504}}, {{Callsign|WPSZ331}}, {{Callsign|WPTA210}}, {{Callsign|WPUL321}}, {{Callsign|WPWE526}}, {{Callsign|WPZN993}}, {{Callsign|WQDX925}}
|Callsigns  = {{Callsign|KNER503}}, {{Callsign|KNER504}}, {{Callsign|WPSZ331}}, {{Callsign|WPTA210}}, {{Callsign|WPUL321}}, {{Callsign|WPWE526}}, {{Callsign|WPZN993}}, {{Callsign|WQDX925}}, {{Callsign|WQYQ806}}
|sid        = 2361
|sid        = 2361
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| <!-- using parameter "ForumPath"'s default value -->

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameOmaha Regional Interoperability Network (ORION)
OwnersOmaha Public Power District, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Council Bluff City, Sarpy County
Owner TypePublic
StatesNebraska, Iowa
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
KNER503, KNER504, WPSZ331, WPTA210, WPUL321, WPWE526, WPZN993, WQDX925, WQYQ806

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ForumRR Site Map

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Welcome to the Omaha Regional Interoperability Network (ORION) collaboration article, a Multi-State Public Trunked Radio System located in Nebraska, Iowa, United States.
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System Information

The Omaha Regional Interoperability Network (ORION) is a multi-zone Motorola P25 CQPSK SmartZone system that operates over a wide area of southeastern Nebraska and Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

ORION is Co-owned and operated by Douglas County, Nebraska, and the Omaha Public Power District. Douglas County 911 CPSAP/Dispatch center is located near 156th and Maple St., in Northwest Omaha. Washington and Pottawattamie Counties own their own stand-alone CPSAP centers in Blair, Ne and Council Bluffs, Ia. OPPD operates their own Dispatch Center/ECC near JJ Pershing Dr. and Lindbergh Dr., near Eppley Airport.

System Users

Douglas County, NE

  • Douglas County Sheriff
  • Douglas County Health Department
  • Douglas County Corrections
  • Metro Area Transit (MAT)
  • Omaha Police/Fire
  • Omaha area Hospitals
  • Omaha Public Power District (OPPD)
  • Metro Area Transit (MAT)
  • Omaha DPW
  • Omaha Housing Authority (OHA)
  • Omaha Coalition of Citizen Patrols (OCCP)

Douglas County Police Department

  • Bennington PD
  • Boys Town PD
  • Ralston PD
  • Waterloo PD
  • Valley PD

Douglas County Volunteer Fire Departments

  • Bennington VFD
  • Boys Town VFD
  • Irvington VFD
  • Ponca Hills VFD
  • Ralston VFD
  • Valley VFD
  • Waterloo VFD

Sarpy County, NE

  • All

Washington County, NE

  • Washington County Sheriff
  • Blair Police Department
  • Blair Community Schools
  • Blair Public Works
  • Ft. Calhoun, Herman, and Arlington Public Schools

Washington County Volunteer Fire Departments

  • Arlington VFD
  • Blair VFD
  • Ft. Calhoun VFD
  • Herman VFD
  • Kennard VFD

Pottawattamie County, IA

  • Pottawattamie County Sheriff
  • Council Bluffs Police/Fire
  • Council Bluffs Hospitals

Pottawattamie County Volunteer Fire Depts

  • Avoca VFD
  • Carson VFD
  • Carter Lake VFD
  • Crescent VFD
  • Lewis Township VFD
  • Neola VFD
  • Oakland VFD
  • Treynor VFD
  • Underwood VFD
  • Walnut VFD

Air Methods

AirCom communications center, near the Omaha airport, uses this system to talk to the LifeNet helicopters and crews based at Creighton and UNMC.

Tower Information

Douglas County has 8 sites to provide complete coverage throughout Douglas County and the City of Omaha for Police/Fire/EMS and other City/County related operations.

Washington County has 3 sites for Washington County coverage, for Police/Fire/EMS and other town/village operations, however Washington County does "roam" onto the Douglas County towers.

Pottawattamie County has 7 sites

OPPD has 11 sites located throughout East-Central and Southeast Nebraska to coordinate electric power, administrative, and security functions.

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Radio ID List

Sarpy County

  • Not all-inclusive and current as of 23 Nov 2019
  • Current range of RIDs 41001 - 43216
  • 41001 - 41008 Dispatch Consoles
  • 41062 - 41195 Bellevue Fire
  • 41192 Bellevue Medical Center
  • 41199 - 41402 Bellevue Police (including Code Enforcement)
  • 41403 - 41494 Papillion Police
  • 41498 - 41597 Papillion Fire
  • 41628 - 41681 La Vista Police
  • 41682 - 41922 Sarpy County Sheriff (including Corrections/Jail, some JJC/CARE, Court Security)
  • 41936 - 41986 Sarpy County JJC/CARE
  • 41996 - 42116 Gretna Fire
  • 42117 - 42157 Springfield Fire
  • 42490 - 42591 Bellevue Public School Busses

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