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Unconfirmed Talk Groups (Collaborative Effort)

The Following Talk Groups have been logged on the system, but do not have a 'confirmed' user. The table below shows the Talk Group, The site which it was logged on, a "best guess" user, and some notes to help others determine who the group belongs to.

Once a talk group can be confirmed, please submit a DB update, and remove the entry from the table below.

Talk Group Tx Site Possible User Additional Notes
300004 007 - Lake Success Tow or Vehicle Patrol "Southbound at M9" possible reference to Meadowstate Pkwy Exit
301001 007 - Lake Success Medical Transport "Transporting to Nassau Medical Center"
301600 007 - Lake Success Security Service Units CS10, CS22, CAR-1, BASE
19 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown - ?Data Links"
54 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown - ?Data Links"
99 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown - ?Data Links"
123 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown - ?Data Links"
213 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown - ?Data Links"
240 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown - ?Data Links"
100001 Holyoke, MA System Owners & Small System (UID's) "Working on radio systems; (10A, Larry, Nick, Warwick EMS, Clear w/all students, Hartford Shop, Going to East Hartford PD, Enroute South Hadley, Shawn, Jason, Trailer & Parts for Glostenbury, CT, East Hartford Office, Shooter for Programming)"
100784 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown"
400245 Barnegat, NJ Unknown "Unknown"
500140 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Unknown"
500230 Holyoke, MA Transportation - (Vans) "16, 9, 14, No Show on my 4th Stop, No Show on my last Stop"
500231 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
500282 Holyoke, MA Unknown "?John Lowis are you all melted yet?"
500283 Holyoke, MA Transportation - (Charters) "154, ?Fair/Fayre Memorial School, 9252, You have a charter tomorrow, moving buses"
500284 Holyoke, MA Transportation "(Buses/Mini's) (Chicopee Base)?King Ward, First Student, Hulmes Transportation in Chicopee"
500450 Holyoke, MA Small Construction/Paving Co "Lot's of asphalt talk, Shawn, Scott"
500530 Holyoke, MA ?Hadley Bus/Schools "Hadley, MA Bus#2 to Hadley, MA Elementary, Rich (Bus #2), Logan Neil"
500560 Holyoke, MA Unknown "?Unloaded passing my house in Ludlow now"
500784 Holyoke, MA Unknown "Private System; ?Husband & Wife, ?Lee Audio, homo, S1, Troy, Woman you There?"
500870 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1005000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1006000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1011000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1021000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1023000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1027000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?
1033000 Hartford, CT Unknown ?

Confirmed Talk Groups

DEC Mode Alpha Tag Description
100510  Concrete 100510  Concrete Company 
100841  Sullivan Structr  Sullivan Structures 
100890  Concrete 100890  Concrete Company 
100891  Concrete 100891  Concrete Company 
100970  Concrete 100970  Concrete Company 
100971  Asphalt  Asphalt Company 
200068  Trucking  Trucking Company (NYC) 
200079  Trucking  Trucking Company (NYC) 
200080  FacilityMgmt  Facility Management? 
200082  Construction NYC  Construction Company (NYC) 
200083  FacilityMgmt  Facility Management? 
200084  Construction NYC  Construction Company (NYC) 
200085  Trucking (NYC)  Trucking Company (NYC) 
200086  NYC Concrete  Concrete Company - NYC 
200088  NYC Concrete  Concrete Company - NYC 
200090  Construction NYC  Construction Company (NYC) 
200092  Construction NYC  Construction Company (NYC) 
300004  LI Trucking  Long Island Trucking Company 
300005  FacilityMgmt  Facility Management? ("Open tennis courts") 
301400  Concrete (LI)  Concrete Company (Long Island) 
301600  LGA  LaGuardia Airport 
301601  LGA Parking  LaGuardia Airport - Parking Lot Security/Patrol 
302700  Oil Delivery  Oil Delivery Company (Long Island) 
303500  Delivery  Delivery Company (Long Island) 
400241  Auto Parts NJ  Auto Parts Delivery (Central NJ) 
400242  Auto Parts NJ  Auto Parts Delivery (Central NJ) 
400244  Plowing (Cen NJ)  Snow Plowing (Central NJ) 
400246  Auto Parts  Auto Parts Delivery (Central NJ) 
400247  Auto Parts NJ  Auto Parts Delivery (Central NJ) 
600030  EZ Disposal  EZ Disposal Service (Boston area) 
700030  Heating Oil  Heating Oil Delivery 
700052  Garbage Trucks  Garbage Trucks 

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