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Unit Numbering

2XX's-5XX's Outagamie County Sheriff's Office
  2XX's Patrol Deputies
    201 Sheriff
  3XX's Corrections Officers
  4XX's Office Staff (Clerks/Telecommunicators)
  5XX's Corrections Officers
60X's-64X's Fox Valley Metro PD
  60X's Support Staff
  610 Chief
  611-649 Officers
69X's Outagamie County Coroner's Office
75X's Freedom PD
781 Bear Creek Village Marshal (still in use?)
79X's Black Creek PD
80X's-83X's Kaukauna PD
  804-831 Officers
  836 Community Service Officer (CSO)
84X's-86X's Seymour PD
  84X's-85X's Officers
  86X's Support Staff
87X's Hortonville PD
89X's Shiocton PD
18XX's Oneida Nation PD
77XX's Grand Chute PD
  770X's-774X's Officers
  777X's-778X's Community Service Officers (CSOs)
9XXX's Appleton PD
  91XX's-92XX's Officers
  95XX's Support Staff
    9500 Complaint Desk
    951X's Parking Officers
    9550-9570 Community Service Officers
  98XX's Explorer Post 9925

Name: Outagamie Water Patrol
Marine Band Callsign: WRZ5694

XX00 Command Vehicle
XX01 Fire Cheif
XX0X's Officers
XX1X's Officers
XX2X's First Out Engines
XX3X's Misc vehicles (cars/pickups/SUV's/etc)
XX4X's Quints
XX5X's Second Out Engines
XX6X's Tankers
XX7X's Rescue Units
XX8X's Utility Vehicles
XX9X's Ambulances

21XX's Kaukauna (City) Fire Department
22XX's Black Creek Fire Department
23XX's Buchanan Fire Department
24XX's Bear Creek Fire Department
25XX's Seymour (City) Fire Department
26XX's Grand Chute Fire Department (last digit is home station number 1-2)
27XX's Ellington Fire Department
28XX's Center Fire Department
29XX's Combined Locks Fire Department
31XX's Dale Fire Department
32XX's Kimberly Fire Department
33XX's Freedom Fire Department
34XX's Hortonville-Hortonia Fire Department
36XX's Little Chute Fire Department
37XX's Nichols Fire Department
38XX's Oneida Fire Department
41XX's Shiocton-Bovina Fire Department
42XX's Vandenbroek-Kaukauna (Town) "Vandenbroek" Fire Department
43XX's Maine Fire Department
44XX's Osborn Fire Department
45XX's Seymour (Town) Fire Department
51XX's Outagamie County Airport Fire Department
53XX's Greenville Fire Department
93XX's Appleton Fire Department (last digit is home station number 1-6)
  9301 Chief
  9302 Assistant Chief
  9308-9309 Fire Marshals
  931X's Inspectors
  9327-9328 spare engines ususually kept at Station 1

5 digits, first 2 digits are same as first 2 digits of Fire Department,
third digit is a 9, last 2 digits are unit number.

239XX's Buchanan First Responders
339XX's Freedom First Responders
429XX's Vandenbroek-Kaukauna (Town) First Responders
439XX's Maine First Responders
539XX's Greenville First Responders

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