Overlay Regional InterOperability Network (ORION) Radio IDs

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Portables 1xxx

Dispatcher/Consoles 2,3,4 etc.

TGID's: 3-50

Fort Eustis

Consoles: 8784 (ORION Weekly Test)


Consoles: 30985 (ORION Weekly Test)

Gloucester County

Consoles: 32303 (ORION Weekly Test)


Portables: 553xxxx, being upgraded to APX series

Dispatcher/Consoles: 4131 (ORION Weekly Test)

TGID's: 201-300

Isle of Wight County

Consoles: 30902 (ORION Weekly Test)

James City County

Consoles: 32302 (ORION Weekly Test)

Mathews County

Consoles: 5460001

Newport News

Portables: 554xxxx

Consoles: 6901 (ORION Weekly Test)

TGID's for P25 system being built: 101-618


Nightingale Dispatch: 30901 (ORION Weekly Test)


Portables: 1xxxx Police 12xxx-13xxx some 134xx new PD Cars are 4xxxx ,FR is 134xx-139xx, once the City gets APX sereis radios RID's should be 555xxxx

Consoles: on Norfolk's system 160xx Consoles: 12201 (ORION Weekly Test)

TGID's: 601- 661

Norfolk International Airport

ORF Dispatch/Consoles: 15266 (ORION Weekly Test and Norfolk P25)


Portables: 17xxx,18xxx

Consoles: 16601 (ORION Weekly Test)

TGID's: 801-899

Southampton County

Consoles: 30919 (ORION Weekly Test)


Portables: ,19xxx, 2xxxx, 557xxxx

Consoles: 191xx

TGID's: 1001- 1105

New P25 TGID'S : 1001-1105

Currituck County

Portables: 3XXX

Surry County

Consoles: 31393 (ORION Weekly Test)

United States Coast Guard - Sector Hampton Roads

Consoles: 5085 (ORION Weekly Test)

Virginia Beach

VBPD Portables: 5580XXX, 5581XXX

VBPD Mobiles: 5583XXX

VBFD Portables: 5584XXX

VBFD Mobiles: 5585XXX

VBEMS Portables: 5586XXX

VBEMS Mobiles: 5587XXX


Virginia Beach ECC: 5589XXX

Virginia Beach Public Utilities: 5592XXX

Virginia Beach Public Works: 5593XXX

Virginia Beach City Public Schools: 5594XXX, 5595XXX

Virginia Beach Aquarium/Convention Center: 5596XXX

Consoles: 1xx

TGID's: 1201-1388

Virginia State Police/STARS

Portables: ??

Consoles: 24024 (ORION Weekly Test)

TGID's: ??

York County

Consoles: 39001 (ORION Weekly Test)

VA Beach Dispatch is in charge of the weekly ORION roll call held Wednesdays at 04:00 hours. The test includes: City of Chesapeake,Fort Eustis Army Base , City of Franklin,Gloucester County, City of Hampton, Isle of Wight County , James City County ,Mathews County, City of Newport News, Nightingale, City of Norfolk, Norfolk International Airport (ORF), City of Portsmouth, Southampton County, Surry County, City of Suffolk, Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads (USCG), Virginia State Police, and York - Poquoson - Williamsburg.

Virginia Beach Radio Ids

P suffix- Used by VBEMS ambulances, means a paramedic or EMT-Intermediate is on board.

Zone medics are SUVs staffed by a VBEMS paramedic. They are added to an advanced life support level call along with a BLS ambulance to make an ALS unit for the duration of a given call.


109- Fire Dispatcher

113- Fire Dispatcher


Keep in mind that some VBEMS radios are assigned to individuals versus units. Personnel may use their personal radio while signed onto a given unit. Radio IDs for a unit are assigned in the MDT when the unit logs on.

105- EMS Dispatcher

114- EMS Dispatcher


104- 1st Dispatcher

106- 4th Dispatcher

110- 3rd Dispatcher

111- AC Dispatcher

112- 2nd Dispatcher

114- Beach Dispatcher

115- 3rd Dispatcher

Virginia Department of Transportation

13633- VDOT Smart Traffic

13976- VDOT Smart Traffic

Virginia Port Authority

63710- VPA Dispatcher


2- CPD Dispatcher

10- CFD Dispatcher

1753- CFD EMS 3

1755- CFD Engine 10

7823- NNFD Squad 4

7860- NNFD Rescue 1

8043- HFR Engine ?

12201- Norfolk Dispatcher

24024- VSP Dispatcher