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Site Research

Posted on 2008-12-16 02:40:16

  • Added sites 2 & 3, as according the the LTR website, it also has locations near Decatur and Effingham. The Decatur license is under Pro-Electronics and Communications. The Effingham license is *possibly* under Global Technical Systems. Could not find another 450 MHz license in the area, except KLL (existing other system) and Roy Walker, which appear to be community repeaters.

Posted on 2005-05-02 13:32:20 From Ted Moran: While in Springfield this weekend for Air Rendezvous I was able to peg down these repeater numbers using the Pro-97:

  • 451.450 Channel 01, 451.750 Channel 04, 452.150 Channel 08, 452.275 Channel 12
  • 452.825 is also (apparently) a part of this system, but I never caught any traffic or LTR key-ups on it, so sorry, no channel number for that one. System was pretty dead over the weekend, but I know from previous listening that it's fairly busy during normal business hours during the week.
  • Sangamon County animal control is currently being dispatched via page out on the Sheriff's 154.860 frequency. But they are still actually operating on the above LTR trunked system. I suspect 01-048 is their talkgroup ID. I heard them several times while working on the system. I didn't try actually configuring a bank in the radio for LTR trunk tracking, so local listeners may want to give it a spin.
  • ALSO, Heard "Sangamon County" Dispatcher on 104048 (451.75) saying "Animal Control Channel 4" - may have also heard police too

Misc System Information

Pro-Electronics and Communications

May hear Sangamon County 911/Dispatch on TG 1-04-048 Animal Control with important broadcast info. --Animal Control units heard: 582, 583, 587

451.45 No ID on LTR Key-up (Springfield)