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==Rebanding/Firmware Updates==
==Rebanding/Firmware Updates==
* [ PRO-163 Support Menu at RS]
* [ PSR-300/400 updates]
* [ PRO-164 Support Menu at RS]
* [ PSR-300/400 Rebanding update]
; Applying the firmware fixes
; Applying the firmware fixes
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[[Category:Analog Trunktrackers]]
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[[Category:Handheld Scanners]]
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This article applies to the following scanners:

Please add any additional tips below. If a tip is specific to a particular scanner, please be sure to specify this in the explanation

  • Battery Voltage - PGM, F+ENT, Manual to exit.
  • Spectrum Sweeper - Press and hold The scan/spectrum sweeper key. To select public service sweep press F+Scan/spectrum sweeper key. Press the number to activate/de-activate band.
  • Edit Welcome Message - PGM, F+Text, Enter text for 1st line, "ENT", 2nd line, "ENT", 3rd line, "ENT", 4th line, "ENT" <to exit>.
  • Edit Bank Tag - PGM, Func+<bank number>, TEXT, enter text, ENT to save and exit.
  • Backlight Settings - Turn radio on, press the light button during the "welcome" message, press up/down to change time in seconds.
  • Infinite Backlight - Press and hold the light button until beep in scan, manual, sweep, or search.
  • To turn Global attenuation on and off - F+ATT.
  • Load Pre-programmed frequencies - Tun radio on, press PGM, 1 ENT, or any other key to exit. <Note: Will overwrite first three banks>.
  • Keytone on/off - Press 1 to turn keytone on, or 2 to tun it off, during the welocome message.
  • Review Lockouts - Press MAN, F+L/OUT. Repeate to see next L/O.
  • Set WX FIPS Codes - Press WX, F+PGM, enter FIPS, press ENT. F+CL to delete FIPS.
  • Program Motorola fleet maps - PGM Trunk, F+arrow up/down to select bank, F+8, enter code pressing ENT after each size code for all 8 blocks.
  • Talkgroup Delay - Pess MAN, F+up/down arrow to select bank, F+TRUNK, F+./Delay, up/down arrow to select time in seconds, ENT to save.
  • Re-initialize radio <and all memory> - Press 0, 1, ENT, during welcome message.

Rebanding/Firmware Updates

Applying the firmware fixes
  • WARNING: Upgrading the firmware will erase all previously stored data. Use software to back up your programming before proceeding
  • The PSR-300/400 firmware is NOT interchangeable with the PRO-163/164. You must use the correct firmware update file for your scanner model.
  • The scanner will tell you which version it has when you turn the scanner on while pressing the PGM key. Once you know the boot loader version, use the updater that matches that (thanks mikey60).

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