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=Bandplan information=
|OwnerLabel = Owners
Min LCN, Max LCN, Base (MHz), Spacing (KHz)
|Owner      = SC&nbsp;Department of Administration&nbsp;(DTO), Anderson&nbsp;County, Beaufort&nbsp;County, Charleston&nbsp;County, Colleton&nbsp;County, Florence&nbsp;County, Sumter&nbsp;County, Sumter&nbsp;City
*0, 4095, 851.006250, 6.250
|County    = [[Anderson County (SC)|Anderson]], [[Beaufort County (SC)|Beaufort]], [[Berkeley County (SC)|Berkeley]], [[Charleston County (SC)|Charleston]], [[Colleton County (SC)|Colleton]], [[Dorchester County (SC)|Dorchester]], [[Florence County (SC)|Florence]], [[Richland County (SC)|Richland]], [[Sumter County (SC)|Sumter]]
*4096, 8191, 762.006250, 6.250
|State      = [[South Carolina (US)|South Carolina]]
|Band      = 800 [[MHz]]
| <!-- using parameter "SysType"'s default value -->
|SysID      = 1D9
|WACN      = BEE00
|NAC        = ?
|Callsigns  = {{Callsign|WNRA431}}, {{Callsign|WNVH447}}, {{Callsign|WNZI910}}, {{Callsign|WPPU514}}, {{Callsign|WPUR551}}, {{Callsign|WQEH988}}, {{Callsign|WQFH229}}, {{Callsign|WQLY904}}, {{Callsign|WQNW340}}, {{Callsign|WQOF940}}, {{Callsign|WQOS676}}, {{Callsign|WQOW343}}, {{Callsign|WQQV899}}, {{Callsign|WQSB945}}<br/><br/><i>Expired/Cancelled Callsigns</i><br/>{{Callsign|WQUZ494}}
|sid        = 5042
|state      = south-carolina
=Anderson County=
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Anderson County has migrated many of its public safety users to this system, including Anderson Co. SD, Anderson Co. EMS and several municipalities.
=Midlands Area=
The Richland County site has been active for some time but with very little voice traffic. Talkgroup 5056 was heard in use by possibly a vice or narc unit.
=Charleston County=
This system is currently in use in the Charleston County and Anderson County areas. In Charleston County, all county and most municipal public safety and local government agencies use this system as their primary communication system. See list of sites below.
=Beaufort County=
Return to Wiki page: [[Trunked Radio Systems (SC)]]<br/>
Beaufort County uses the Palmetto P25 system for its public safety agencies. There are 7 sites configured as a simulcast site throughout the Beaufort County area. All Beaufort County law enforcement talk groups are encrypted.
[[Category:South Carolina Trunked Radio Systems]]
=Oconee County=
There is a site licensed in Oconee County (Long Mountain) for Palmetto P25. Callsign WQSL478. No word on whether the site is active or when Oconee County agencies might migrate to this system.
===Charleston Co Simulcast (Site 1 - 20 Channel Simulcast)===
*North Charleston 4055 Bridge View Road 32.84053 -80.01539
*Mount Pleasant 210 West Coleman Blvd 32.79917 -79.89694
*Awendaw 6879 Seewee Road 32.98553 -79.64067
*Hollywood 7555 Hwy 162 32.71858 -80.31356
*Johns Island 4850 River Road 32.6485 -80.12842
*Summerville 300 West Second North St 33.02389 -80.17694
*North Charleston 8720 North Park Blvd 32.96617 -80.04247
*Mount Pleasant Six Mile Road 32.83936 -79.81525
*Awendaw 4288 Hwy 17N 32.90064 -79.73272
*Johns Island 749 Main Road 32.76306 -80.10325
*Folly Beach 510 East Erie St 32.66094 -79.93161
*McClellanville 840 Society Rd 33.10797 -79.43894
*Buck Hall Old Georgetown Hwy 33.06142 -79.55025
*Isle of Palms 40 A 41 St 32.80358 -79.759389
===Site ???===
*Mount Pleasant 210 West Coleman Blvd 32.79917 -79.89694
*Ravenel 7800 Hwy 165 32.85366 -80.28536
===Site ???===
*Summerville 300 West Second North St 33.02389 -80.17694
===Site ??? Edisto Island===
WQNW340 (851.750/852.450/852.950/853.450/853.9125)
*8191 Peters Point Rd 32.55589 -80.28553
WQSB945 (852.075/852.7000)
*8191 Peters Point Rd 32.55589 -80.28553
[[Category:South Carolina]]
[[Category:South Carolina Trunking Information]]
[[Category:Regional Programming]]

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Public Trunked Radio System

NamePalmetto (P25)
OwnersSC Department of Administration (DTO), Anderson County, Beaufort County, Charleston County, Colleton County, Florence County, Sumter County, Sumter City
Owner TypePublic
CountiesAnderson, Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Florence, Richland, Sumter
StateSouth Carolina
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WNRA431, WNVH447, WNZI910, WPPU514, WPUR551, WQEH988, WQFH229, WQLY904, WQNW340, WQOF940, WQOS676, WQOW343, WQQV899, WQSB945

Expired/Cancelled Callsigns

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ForumRR Site Map

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