Palo Pinto County (TX)

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Palo Pinto County Radio IDs

Radio ID Agency
1xx Mineral Wells Fire Dept, VFD, EMS apparatus
2xx Mineral Wells Fire Dept, VFD, EMS personnel
3xx Mineral Wells Police Dept
38x MIneral Wells PD Animal Control
4xx Mineral Wells Public Works, Water
5xx Palo Pinto VFD
6xx PK West Lake VFD, EMS
7xx Lone Camp VFD
8xx Brazos VFD
115x Palo Pinto County Constables?
116x Palo Pinto County Commissioners
12xx Gordon VFD, Tri Cities EMS
13xx Santo VFD, EMS
14xx Strawn VFD
15xx Lake Palo Pinto VFD
16xx Graford VFD, EMS
17xx PK East Lake VFD, EMS
18xx Palo Pinto County Emergency Management
25xx Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Dept
27xx BRA PK Lake Rangers
28xx Palo Pinto County Fire Marshal?
??? Strawn City Marshal

Palo Pinto County Fire Service Area Map

Map on Santo VFD web site

Mineral Wells Fire Dept. Tones

  • "In House" (fire stations) Tone A 1122.5 Tone B 1285.5
  • "General" (volunteer pagers) Tone A 1122.5 Tone B 1153.4

Mineral Wells Police Department Codes and Signals

Radio Calls (Signals)
Signal Description Signal Description Signal Description
1 Accident, minor 31 Traffic complaint 61 Missing person
2 Accident, major 32 Person with gun 62 Open door
3 Accident, hit & run 33 Prisoner detail 63 Open window
4 Assault 34 Prowler/building 64 Auto recovery
5 Assault (rape) 35 Prowler/yard 65 Bomb call
6 City ordinance violation 36 Robbery 66 Criminal trespass
7 Burglar alarm, silent 37 Shooting 67 Fire alarm
8 Burglar alarm, audible 38 Suspicious person 68 Follow up investigation
9 Burglary in progress 39 Vehicle suspicious 69 Forgery
10 Burglary investigation 40 Circumstances suspicious 70 Harassment
11 Cutting/Stabbing 41 Abandoned vehicle 71 Kidnapping
12 Deceased person 42 Abandoned/found property 72 Motorist assist
13 Demented person 43 Theft 73 Plane crash
14 Disturbance 44 Dog bite 74 Runaway
15 Domestic disturbance 45 Animal carcass 75 Sex offense
16 Coffee break 46 Animal complaint 76 Stake out
17 Court 47 Loose livestock 77 Street Dept. call
18 Lunch break 48 Reserved (Backup) 78 Suicide
19 Training 49 Reserved 79 Warrant service
20 Flat tire 50 Information 80 Water Dept. call
21 Equipment service 51 Wrecker 81 Intoxilyzer test
22 Cancel call 52 Vehicle impound 82 Vice & Narcotics
23 Radio repair 53 Criminal mischief 83 Building/house checks
24 Fight 54 Meet _____ 84 CID unit
25 Fire call 55 DWI 85 Administrative detail
26 Hospital call 56 Public intoxication 86 Community relations
27 Injured person 57 Reserved 87 Deliver emergency message
28 Ambulance call 58 Reserved 88 Civil stand by
29 Welfare check 59 Escort 89 Reserved
30 Parking violation 60 Stolen vehicle 90 Reserved

Hazard Factor Codes
Code Description Code Description Code Description
0 No apparent hazard 4 Interference with arrest 8 Officer assaulted (dangerous weapon)
1 Minor harassment or disagreement 5 Hostile crowd (serious harassment) 9 Officer assaulted (firearms)
2 Back-up car used 6 Officer assaulted (no weapon)
3 Resistance by arrestee 7 Officer assaulted (misc. objects)

Radio Call Dispositions
Code Description Code Description
A Arrest made - no offense report needed M Referred to agency other than PD division - no offense report
B Assistance rendered/Assignment completed - no offense report N Referred to another PD division - no offense report
C Cancelled by radio O Removed to medical facility - no offense report
D Offense report made - no arrest P Unable to locate incident or complaint - no offense report
E Offense report made with arrest or citation S Unable to locate subject - no offense report
F Citation issued - no offense report T Vehicle report made - no arrest
G Civil matter - no offense report U Vehicle report made with arrest
H False alarm - no offense report V Accident report made
I FIR made - no offense report W Written warning issued
J Follow up: info or evidence obtained - supplemental report made X Animal complaint (see animal call dispositions)
K No police action possible/necessary - no offense report Y Animal complaint (see animal call dispositions)
L Peace restored - no offense report Z Animal complaint (see animal call dispositions)

Animal Control Dispositions
Code Description Code Description Code Description
X1 Bite report Y1 Citation issued - dog at large Z1 Misc. animal complaint - assignment completed
X2 Place animal in quarantine Y2 Warning issued - dog at large Z2 Investigation of cruelty - unfounded
X3 Check and release quarantined animal Y3 Citation issued - barking dog Z3 Citation issued - no vaccination
X4 Checked area for loose animal(s) - none seen Y4 Warning issued - barking dog Z4 Warning issued - no vaccination
X5 Impound dog Y5 Citation issued - cruelty Z5 Citation issued - no city license tag
X6 Impound cat Y6 Warning issued - cruelty
X7 Impound wild animal Y7 Citation issued - livestock, loose or enclosure
X8 Impound livestock Y8 Warning issued - livestock, loose or enclosure
X9 Pick up dead animal

Unlicensed Oil/Gas Operations

  • Oil and gas well service tank trucks in the Mineral Wells area that normally operate on various commercial LTR systems use the following simplex frequencies for truck-to-truck talkaround with various PL/DPL tones

Federal Agencies

  • FBI Mineral Wells repeater 167.6375 (unkown input) PL 167.9 when not encrypted

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