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Palo Pinto County Database Page

Palo Pinto County Radio IDs

Template:Largetable !Radio ID!!Agency |- |1xx||Mineral Wells Fire Dept, VFD, EMS apparatus |- |2xx||Mineral Wells Fire Dept, VFD, EMS personnel |- |3xx||Mineral Wells Police Dept |- |38x||MIneral Wells PD Animal Control |- |4xx||Mineral Wells Public Works, Water |- |5xx||Palo Pinto VFD |- |6xx||PK West Lake VFD, EMS |- |7xx||Lone Camp VFD |- |8xx||Brazos VFD |- |115x||Palo Pinto County Constables |- |116x||Palo Pinto County Commissioners |- |12xx||Gordon VFD, Tri Cities EMS |- |13xx||Santo VFD, EMS |- |14xx||Strawn VFD |- |15xx||Lake Palo Pinto VFD |- |16xx||Graford VFD, EMS |- |17xx||PK East Lake VFD, EMS |- |18xx||Palo Pinto County Emergency Management |- |25xx||Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Dept |- |27xx||BRA PK Lake Rangers |- |28xx||Palo Pinto County Fire Marshal? |}

Palo Pinto County Fire Service Area Map

Map on Santo VFD web site

Fire Tone Outs

Mineral Wells Fire Department

Template:Largetable |+ Frequency 155.565 !Group!!Tone A!!Tone B |- |In House (fire stations)||1122.5||1285.5 |- |General (volunteers)||1122.5||1153.4 |}

Mineral Wells Police Department Codes and Signals

List is from 2007. Unknown if still current. Template:Largetable |+Radio Calls (Signals) !Signal!!Description!!Signal!!Description!!Signal!!Description |- |1||Accident, minor||31||Traffic complaint||61||Missing person |- |2||Accident, major||32||Person with gun||62||Open door |- |3||Accident, hit & run||33||Prisoner detail||63||Open window |- |4||Assault||34||Prowler/building||64||Auto recovery |- |5||Assault (rape)||35||Prowler/yard||65||Bomb call |- |6||City ordinance violation||36||Robbery||66||Criminal trespass |- |7||Burglar alarm, silent||37||Shooting||67||Fire alarm |- |8||Burglar alarm, audible||38||Suspicious person||68||Follow up investigation |- |9||Burglary in progress||39||Vehicle suspicious||69||Forgery |- |10||Burglary investigation||40||Circumstances suspicious||70||Harassment |- |11||Cutting/Stabbing||41||Abandoned vehicle||71||Kidnapping |- |12||Deceased person||42||Abandoned/found property||72||Motorist assist |- |13||Demented person||43||Theft||73||Plane crash |- |14||Disturbance||44||Dog bite||74||Runaway |- |15||Domestic disturbance||45||Animal carcass||75||Sex offense |- |16||Coffee break||46||Animal complaint||76||Stake out |- |17||Court||47||Loose livestock||77||Street Dept. call |- |18||Lunch break||48||Reserved (Backup)||78||Suicide |- |19||Training||49||Reserved||79||Warrant service |- |20||Flat tire||50||Information||80||Water Dept. call |- |21||Equipment service||51||Wrecker||81||Intoxilyzer test |- |22||Cancel call||52||Vehicle impound||82||Vice & Narcotics |- |23||Radio repair||53||Criminal mischief||83||Building/house checks |- |24||Fight||54||Meet _____||84||CID unit |- |25||Fire call||55||DWI||85||Administrative detail |- |26||Hospital call||56||Public intoxication||86||Community relations |- |27||Injured person||57||Reserved||87||Deliver emergency message |- |28||Ambulance call||58||Reserved||88||Civil stand by |- |29||Welfare check||59||Escort||89||Reserved |- |30||Parking violation||60||Stolen vehicle||90||Reserved |} Template:Largetable |+Hazard Factor Codes !Code!!Description!!Code!!Description!!Code!!Description |- |0||No apparent hazard||4||Interference with arrest||8||Officer assaulted (dangerous weapon) |- |1||Minor harassment or disagreement||5||Hostile crowd (serious harassment)||9||Officer assaulted (firearms) |- |2||Back-up car used||6||Officer assaulted (no weapon)|||| |- |3||Resistance by arrestee||7||Officer assaulted (misc. objects)|||| |} Template:Largetable |+Radio Call Dispositions !Code!!Description!!Code!!Description |- |A||Arrest made - no offense report needed||M||Referred to agency other than PD division - no offense report |- |B||Assistance rendered/Assignment completed - no offense report||N||Referred to another PD division - no offense report |- |C||Cancelled by radio||O||Removed to medical facility - no offense report |- |D||Offense report made - no arrest||P||Unable to locate incident or complaint - no offense report |- |E||Offense report made with arrest or citation||S||Unable to locate subject - no offense report |- |F||Citation issued - no offense report||T||Vehicle report made - no arrest |- |G||Civil matter - no offense report||U||Vehicle report made with arrest |- |H||False alarm - no offense report||V||Accident report made |- |I||FIR made - no offense report||W||Written warning issued |- |J||Follow up: info or evidence obtained - supplemental report made||X||Animal complaint (see animal call dispositions) |- |K||No police action possible/necessary - no offense report||Y||Animal complaint (see animal call dispositions) |- |L||Peace restored - no offense report||Z||Animal complaint (see animal call dispositions) |} Template:Largetable |+Animal Control Dispositions !Code!!Description!!Code!!Description!!Code!!Description |- |X1||Bite report||Y1||Citation issued - dog at large||Z1||Misc. animal complaint - assignment completed |- |X2||Place animal in quarantine||Y2||Warning issued - dog at large||Z2||Investigation of cruelty - unfounded |- |X3||Check and release quarantined animal||Y3||Citation issued - barking dog||Z3||Citation issued - no vaccination |- |X4||Checked area for loose animal(s) - none seen||Y4||Warning issued - barking dog||Z4||Warning issued - no vaccination |- |X5||Impound dog||Y5||Citation issued - cruelty||Z5||Citation issued - no city license tag |- |X6||Impound cat||Y6||Warning issued - cruelty|||| |- |X7||Impound wild animal||Y7||Citation issued - livestock, loose or enclosure|||| |- |X8||Impound livestock||Y8||Warning issued - livestock, loose or enclosure|||| |- |X9||Pick up dead animal|||||||| |}


As of 01/01/2010 CareFlite Ground has the contract for non-emergency transfer service in Palo Pinto County. It is unkown at the present time what communications system is used.

Unlicensed Oil/Gas Operations

Oil and gas well service tank trucks in the Mineral Wells area that normally operate on various commercial LTR systems use the following simplex frequencies for truck-to-truck talkaround with various PL/DPL tones


Federal Agencies


167.6375 (unkown input) Mineral Wells repeater PL 167.9 when not encrypted


410.950 Mineral Wells Airport ASOS data

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