Palo Pinto County (TX) Radio IDs

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Palo Pinto County Radio IDs

Radio ID Agency
1xx Mineral Wells Fire Dept, VFD, EMS apparatus
2xx Mineral Wells Fire Dept, VFD, EMS personnel
3xx Mineral Wells Police Dept
38x MIneral Wells PD Animal Control
4xx Mineral Wells Public Works, Water
5xx Palo Pinto VFD
6xx PK West Lake VFD, EMS
7xx Lone Camp VFD
8xx Brazos VFD
10xx DPS Troopers
114x Unknown
115x Palo Pinto County Constables
116x Palo Pinto County Commissioners
12xx Gordon VFD, Tri Cities EMS
13xx Santo VFD, EMS
14xx Strawn VFD
15xx Lake Palo Pinto VFD, also DPS Troopers
16xx Graford VFD, EMS
17xx PK East Lake VFD, EMS
21xx TPWD Game Wardens
25xx Palo Pinto County Sheriff's Dept
27xx BRA PK Lake Rangers
28xx Palo Pinto County Fire Marshal, Emergency Management
48xx Lake Mineral Wells State Park Rangers