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|WACN      = BEE00
|WACN      = BEE00
|NAC      = 6E0, 6E5, 6E6, 6E7
|NAC      = 6E0, 6E5, 6E6, 6E7
|Callsigns = {{Callsign|WQHA370}}, {{Callsign|WQVP808}}<br/><br/><i>Possible Other Callsigns Not Listed in Database</i><br/>{{Callsign|KYT220}}, {{Callsign|WPLG357}}, {{Callsign|WPVH427}}, {{Callsign|WPVI668}}, {{Callsign|WPVI669}}, {{Callsign|WPVK940}}, {{Callsign|WPWA630}}, {{Callsign|WPWA631}}, {{Callsign|WQCP304}}, {{Callsign|WQCP305}}, {{Callsign|WQCP306}}, {{Callsign|WQCP307}}, {{Callsign|WQCP307}}, {{Callsign|WQHA370}}, {{Callsign|WQHA371}}, {{Callsign|WQHA372}}, {{Callsign|WQHA373}}, {{Callsign|WQNM385}}, {{Callsign|WQWI520}}, {{Callsign|WQWL398}}, {{Callsign|WQWP460}}, {{Callsign|WQWP728}}, {{Callsign|WQWX857}}, {{Callsign|WXM670}}
|Callsigns = {{Callsign|WQHA370}}, {{Callsign|WQVP808}}<br/><br/><i>Possible Other Callsigns Not Listed in DB</i><br/>{{Callsign|KYT220}}, {{Callsign|WPLG357}}, {{Callsign|WPVH427}}, {{Callsign|WPVI668}}, {{Callsign|WPVI669}}, {{Callsign|WPVK940}}, {{Callsign|WPWA630}}, {{Callsign|WPWA631}}, {{Callsign|WQCP304}}, {{Callsign|WQCP305}}, {{Callsign|WQCP306}}, {{Callsign|WQCP307}}, {{Callsign|WQCP307}}, {{Callsign|WQHA370}}, {{Callsign|WQHA371}}, {{Callsign|WQHA372}}, {{Callsign|WQHA373}}, {{Callsign|WQNM385}}, {{Callsign|WQWI520}}, {{Callsign|WQWL398}}, {{Callsign|WQWP460}}, {{Callsign|WQWP728}}, {{Callsign|WQWX857}}, {{Callsign|WXM670}}
|state    = texas  
|state    = texas  
|sid      = 5636
|sid      = 5636

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Public Trunked Radio System

NameParker County (P25)
OwnerParker County
Owner TypePublic
CountiesParker, Palo Pinto
CountryUnited States

System Details
BandVHF / 700 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I
NAC6E0, 6E5, 6E6, 6E7

FCC Callsign(s)
WQHA370, WQVP808

Possible Other Callsigns Not Listed in DB
KYT220, WPLG357, WPVH427, WPVI668, WPVI669, WPVK940, WPWA630, WPWA631, WQCP304, WQCP305, WQCP306, WQCP307, WQCP307, WQHA370, WQHA371, WQHA372, WQHA373, WQNM385, WQWI520, WQWL398, WQWP460, WQWP728, WQWX857, WXM670

System-specific links
DatabaseFCC Site Map
ForumRR Site Map

Other Resources

Wiki FAQMediaWiki
QuickRefPDF Card

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Welcome to the Parker County (P25) collaboration article, a Multi-County Public Trunked Radio System located in Parker, Palo Pinto Counties, Texas, United States.
This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for this Trunked Radio System.


  • 9/5/15 new site 1-007 Azle control channel noted on the air.
  • 8/27/15 Site 1-006 Weatherford 700 MHz may have P25 Phase 2 TDMA capability.
  • 9/20/15 Site 1-006 Weatherford 700 MHz is no longer broadcasting a band plan with 2 time slots.


  • Site 1-005 is located at Possum Kingdom Lake. It has a CW ID callsign of WXM670.

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