Parker County (P25)

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Parker County (Project 25) database page

FCC Licenses

The system operates on frequencies under the following licenses:

Unidentified Talkgroups

  • The following unidentified talkgroups (decimal) are not included in the database.
  • If you can identify them, submit the information to the database and remove them from this list.
8163 EOC link to other systems?

Custom Bandplan

Older digital scanners like the PRO-96 need to following for programming. Base 148630000 Spacing 2500 Offset 0 Base 136000000 Spacing 10000 Offset 4096 Base 141952500 Spacing 7500 Offset 8192 Base 144522500 Spacing 5000 Offset 12288


  • Site 1-005 is located at Possum Kingdom Lake. It has a CW ID callsign of WXM670 and is probably a part of the NCTCOG regional 700 MHz interoperability overlay and probably belongs to the Brazos River Authority.
  • As of Feb 2012 Site 1-005 is no longer sending a CW ID.

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