Payne County (OK)

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Payne County



City of Stillwater



Emergency Management

Public Works

  • Stillwater storm warning sirens are activated on 153.905MHz using DTMF tones with a 88.5 PL tone. Voice communication is CSQ. The airport uses the same frequency with a 103.5 PL tone

City of Cushing

  • Cushing Police Repeater

Input 158.895MHz has a PL tone of 67.0 / Output 155.025MHz has a PL tone of 103.5

  • Cushing Fire Repeater

Input 159.045MHz has a PL tone of 123.0 / Output 154.235MHz has a PL tone of 88.5

City of Perkins

  • Perkins Police shares dispatch and a repeater (155.250MHz) with the Iowa Tribal Police.
  • Perkins Units are 100's Iowa Tribal Units are 1000's
  • 155.250MHz repeater is licensed as WPQI959, however, voice ID on this system is given as WPNW828.