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As of December, 2009 the Pharr and Edinburg EDACS systems have started their transition to P25 Trunking. Four repeaters in each system have been converted to P25, leaving the remaining six in each as EDACS. The two systems are tied via a Harris VIDA switch.

The plan is to start migrating various city departments to P25 Trunking, increasing the number of P25 repeaters until all have been moved in each.

Testing of the new system and roaming was completed on 01/07/2010, and the transition is set to begin within the next few weeks.

All units are being programmed with all 10 frequencies on each site as control channels in case of future change. Some of these channels are still being used as EDACS but will eventually be transitioned to P25 so they are included on the list.

The agencies who will be using this system in the near future will be:

  • Pharr Police
  • Pharr Fire
  • Edinburg Police
  • Edinburg Fire
  • Alamo Police
  • Alamo Fire
  • University of Texas - Pan American Police
  • Hidalgo County Health Department

This system is will also tied to Palmview Police's Conventional VHF P25 repeaters as an entry point for VHF users.

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