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Welcome to the Pima County Collaboration page.

Pima County & Arizona State Criminal, Civil, and Traffic Case Search

Pima County Case Search Includes Criminal, Civil and Traffic case searches

State of Arizona Case Search Includes Criminal, Civil and Traffic case searches

Pima County GIS Mapping System

  • This is an AutoDesk Mapping system that includes information from Ortho Photography at a 12 inch resolution to Police stations & beats, road traffic, land, and much, much more. (requires ActiveX control installation and IE)

Pima County GIS Mapping System website

Pima County Sherrif's Department

  • Currently Pima County's radio system is not able to be monitored with any one known stock scanner. It is possible with LTR software, a computer, and one radio for input of the signal and another radio for output to track the system.
  • Pima County has been for several years planning to purchase a county wide radio trunk system, known as PCWIN. This system is still not acquired, but it will be a Motorola P25 system.

Pima County Sheriff Department Beat Maps

PCSO Beat Map Descriptions courtesy of Southwest Frequency Directory,

Note: As shown on maps below, PCSO Beats technically extend into city limits and cover entire metro area, but primary patrol area, described below, is generally limited to unincorporated areas.

  • AJO DISTRICT: Far West Pima County
    • Radio: AJO
    • Radio: NORTH
      • Avra Valley Beat 1: W of I-10; N of Avra Valley Rd
      • Avra Valley Beat 2: W of I-10; W of Tucson Mountains; S of Avra Valley Rd; N of Mile Wide Rd
  • SAN XAVIER DISTRICT: South and Southwest of Tucson.
    • Radio: SOUTH
      • San Xavier Beat 1: S of Tucson City Limits; W of Kolb Rd; N of Pima Mine Rd; E of I-19
      • San Xavier Beat 2: S of Tucson City Limits; S of Mile Wide Rd; W of I-19; N of Pima Mine Rd; E of Sandario Rd
      • San Xavier Beat 3: Three Points area. S of Mile Wide Rd; W of Sandario Rd;
  • RINCON DISTRICT: Northeast and East of Tucson.
    • Radio: EAST
      • Rincon Beat 1: S & E of Tucson City Limits; East of Kolb Rd; S of I-10; Plus areas N of I-10 that are in and around Saguaro National Park
      • Rincon Beat 2: Tanque Verde and Rincon Valley areas. N & E of Tucson City Limits; E of Sabino Wash
      • Rincon Beat 3: Eastern half of Catalina Foothills area. N of Tucson City Limits; E of Cambell Ave; W of Sabino Creek; S of Catalina Mountains
      • Rincon Beat 4: Mount Lemmon & Reddington areas
  • GREEN VALLEY DISTRICT: Far South of Tucson.
    • Radio: EAST
      • Green Valley Beat 1: Sahuarita area. W of Kolb Rd; S of Pima Mine Rd; N of Duval Mine Rd.
      • Green Valley Beat 2: Green Valley area. Areas S of Duval Mine Rd.

Tuscon Police Department 10-Codes

10-1 Receiving poorly

10-2 Loud and clear

10-3 Stop transmitting

10-4 Message received

10-5 Relay message

10-7 Out of service

10-8 In service

10-9 Repeat message

10-10 Break, subject to call

10-15 Prisoner in custody

10-16 Prisoner transporation unit

10-18 As soon as possible; immediately

10-20 Location

10-21 Telephone

10-23 At the scene

10-24 Assignment completed

10-25 Message; information

10-26 Detaining subject - expedite response

10-27 Driver's license information

10-28 Vehicle registration information

10-29 Check for wanted or stolen

10-30 Special check

10-31 Family fight

10-33 Disturbance

10-34 Bomb threat

10-35 Larceny

10-36 Burglary

10-37 Burglary in progress

10-39 Major incident tone

10-40 Prowler

10-41 Drunk

10-42 Malicious mischief; vandalism

10-43 Armed robbery

10-44 Sexual assault

10-45 Meet at...

10-46 Fueling unit

10-47 Lost/Missing person

10-48 Runaway juvenile

10-50 Auto accident - no injury

10-52 Auto accident - with injury

10-53 Auto accident - fatal

10-55 Drunk driver

10-58 Wrecker

10-59 Ambulance

10-60 Miscellaneous patrol activity

10-64 Call paperwork

10-65 Call followup

10-66 Briefing/debriefing

10-67 Court

10-68 Training

10-69 Miscellaneous administrative activity

10-70 Fire

10-72 Rescue/paramedic unit

10-81 Stop and field interview

10-82 Stop and arrest

10-83 2 or more units transmitting

10-84 Backup unit

10-91 TPD Channel 1 South

10-92 TPD Channel 2 West

10-93 TPD Channel 3 Midtown

10-94 TPD Channel 4 East

10-95 TPD Channel 5 Downtown

10-96 TPD Channel 6 Multi-Use

10-97 TPD Channel 7 Crosstalk

10-99 Officer urgently needs assistance

Tucson Police Department Signal Codes

Code 0 Employee's residence

Code 1 Clear to receive confidential message

Code 2 Urgent response

Code 4 No further assistance needed

Code 7 Out of service to eat

Code 11 Santa Cruz Substation

Code 12 Rilito Substation

Code 13 Midtown Substation

Code 14 Rincon Substation

Code 15 Traffic Substation

Code 16 Heliport

Code 19 Headquarters Building

County SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) Weather Codes

SAME encoding allows the user to program specially equipped receivers to activate or sound a warning alarm tone for only specific types of weather events in selected areas.

The following listing is for Pima and neighboring counties:

Cochise County, AZ 004003

Graham County, AZ 004009

Maricopa County, AZ 004013

Pima County, AZ 004019

Pinal County, AZ 004021

Santa Cruz County, AZ 004023

Yuma County, AZ 004027

Bureau of Prisons - Tucson Federal Correctional Complex

Tucson Federal Correctional Complex

162nd Fighter Wing, Arizona Air National Guard

Information about the AZ ANG 162ndFW