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|SysName  = Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN)   
|SysType  = [[APCO Project 25]] X2-TDMA
|SysID    = 3BB   
|CTone    = ? 
|NAC      = ? 
|Band      = 800 
|Owner    = Pima County
|FCC      = ? 
|City      = Tucson
|County    = [[Pima County (AZ)|Pima]]
|State    = [[Arizona (US)|Arizona]]
|StateB    = Arizona
|state    = arizona
|sid      = 7735 
==System News==
==System News==
This system is still under going testing after numerous delays to full operation.
Most activity relates to the Motorola technicians and an outside agency testing the effectiveness of the trunked system.
There are occasional bursts of traffic on numerous different talk groups on this system, some in the clear and some encrypted.  Most of this traffic appears to be for familiarization of the assigned radio(s) and the system.
As of this January 2014, operational traffic is not found on this system.  All departments continue to use their legacy systems.

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System News

PCWIN System News

1. Tucson PD and Tucson FD are testing a patch to help coordinate calls involving both agencies in reaction to a call. At times, sometimes at length, sometimes very short, TPD-1 communications from TG 19000 (TPD Team-1) are patched to TG 15011 (TFD B8).

It is not clear how long this will be tested and does cause confusion where to monitor for TPD-1. Recommendation is to add both TG's to your scanner, with a notation that TPD-1 may also be heard on TFD B8.