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* [ HF Underground Pirate Radio Stations (wiki)]
* [ HF Underground Pirate Radio Stations (wiki)]
* [ Offshore Radio Guide]
* [ Offshore Radio Guide]
* [ Pirate Radio New Listener Guide and FAQ]
==Numbers stations==
==Numbers stations==

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There is another side to the HF broadcasting world. There are folks that put up a station for the fun of hobby broadcasting, or on the other side of the spectrum, to get their point of view out, sometimes at great risk. Welcome to the world of pirates and clandestines.

Introductions (via

Where Can I Find Pirates?

The answer to this question shifts frequently, but these are good bets. Beware of legitimate broadcasters in some of these ranges. AM, USB and even some LSB is used, along with Slow Scan TV (SSTV). See the SSTV section of the HF Software Decoders article for applications that can copy this mode.

  • 4000-4200 khz
  • 5100-5200 khz
  • 6200-6300 khz for many Europirates
  • 6700-7000 khz

DX News and Information

Mailing lists and forums


Numbers stations