Population Area Centerpoint

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Population Area Centerpoints


A population area centerpoint is the center of mass of a populated area that includes States, Counties, Metropolitan areas, Cities, Towns. This information will be used in the programming of the new BCD996T and BCT15 scanners that include location based scanning capabilities.

The Site/System location setting on the scanners can be set for 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 miles radius. This will create a circle of as small as 1 mile and as large as 100 miles in diameter. These circles should be placed over either the coverage area of a site or system or the center of population mass. Some areas will require multiple centerpoints for full coverage. This will require multiple sites pr systems to be created on your scanner for coverage. Since most areas have 4 greater sides the size of the circle (radius) should be large enough to cover the entire area.

The Latitude Longitude information should be listed in DMS format instead of DEG format.

The information below will be used as a reference for adding this information to your site/system settings you program in these scanners.

The format should be in the same manner as the following example:


Tucson Metro Area

30 miles 32.1925N 110.9757W


50 miles 31.8502N 111.2800W

30 miles 32.2000N 111.5700W

Oro Valley

10 miles 32.4070N 110.9957W