Portland International Airport (PDX) Multnomah County (OR)

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Portland International Airport (PDX)

All frequencies are in mhz and AM unless other wise noted

Frequency  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
118.10000  BM  CSQ  APP/DEP HI V Approach/Departure - VHF 110-279   AM  Aircraft 
284.60000  BM  CSQ  APP/DEP S. U Approach/Departure - South UHF  AM  Aircraft 
124.35000  BM  CSQ  APP/DEP V Approach/Departure - VHF 280-099   AM  Aircraft 
299.20000  BM  CSQ  APP/DEP N. U Approach/Departure - North UHF  AM  Aircraft 
128.35000  CSQ  ATIS VHF Automatic Terminal Info Svc. - Arrival VHF  AM  Aircraft 
269.90000  CSQ  ATIS UHF Automatic Terminal Info Svc. - Arrival UHF   AM  Aircraft 
120.12500  BM  CSQ  ClrnceDlvryV Clearance Delivery VHF   AM  Aircraft 
294.70000  BM  CSQ  DEP Radar U Departure Radar Control UHF  AM  Aircraft 
122.60000  BM  CSQ  FltSvcStatn Flight Service Station  AM  Aircraft 
122.00000  BM  CSQ  Flight Watch Flight Watch  AM  Aircraft 
121.90000  BM  CSQ  GROUND VHF1 Ground Control  AM  Aircraft 
348.60000  BM  CSQ  GROUND UHF Ground Control  AM  Aircraft 
122.95000  BM  CSQ  Unicom Unicom  AM  Aircraft 
118.70000  BM  CSQ  TwrRYS10-28V Tower (10L-28R) VHF  AM  Aircraft 
257.80000  BM  CSQ  TwrRYS10-28U Tower (10L-28R) UHF  AM  Aircraft 
123.77500  BM  CSQ  TwrRYS03-21V Tower (03-21 & 10R-28L) VHF  AM  Aircraft 
251.12500  BM  CSQ  TwrRYS03-21U Tower (03-21 & 10R-28L) UHF  AM  Aircraft 
132.27500  BM  CSQ  GROUND VHF2 Ground Control  AM  Aircraft 
318.10000  BM  CSQ  ClrnceDlvryU Clearance Delivery UHF  AM  Aircraft 
127.85000  BM  CSQ  DEP ALT V Departure - Alternate  AM  Aircraft 
290.30000  BM  CSQ  DEP ALT U Departure - Alternate  AM  Aircraft 
126.90000  BM  CSQ  APP FINAL Approach Final   AM  Aircraft 
299.90000  BM  CSQ  ANG CMD POST Air Natl.Guard Cmd Post  AM  Aircraft 
280.50000  BM  CSQ  ANG OPS 1 Air Natl.Guard Ops 1  AM  Aircraft 
281.20000  BM  CSQ  ANG OPS 2 Air Natl.Guard Ops 2  AM  Aircraft 
121.50000  BM  CSQ  GUARD CIV V International Air Distress GUARD VHF  AM  Aircraft 
243.00000  BM  CSQ  GUARD MIL U Military Air Distress GUARD UHF  AM  Aircraft 

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