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Prince Edward Island is one of eight provinces of Canada in which the RCMP operates as both the provincial and federal police force. In addition it is also the municipal police force in much of the province. The RCMP organization in PEI is designated as L Division, with its own commanding officer and headquartered in Charlottetown. This is the smallest division in Canada, in terms of geography, and also I would guess, in number of personnel. L Division is part of the Atlantic area of the RCMP, which has a regional headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As in other provinces the field structure of the RCMP below divisional headquarters was in the past to have subdivisions (not necessary in PEI due to its small size) and beneath those individual detachments. Today this is evolving towards a consolidated structure in which detachments are joined in districts or in large detachments. The individual former detachment locations may still remain as local offices of the district. In some cases they may still be referred to informally as detachments but do not have the autonomy of the past. L Division was, in the recent past, made up eight detachments, which are now combined into three districts (Western, Central and Eastern)

The hub of the system is the Stratford repeater (across the river from Charlottetown) and a microwave link from there to telecoms at L Division HQ located in Charlottetown. The call sign for telecoms is XJD916. There formerly were 8 detachments but now instead there are three districts. The radios have displays and generally, a name rather than number identifies the channel.

PEI RCMP operate on their own 400MHz radio system. In addition to these frequencies it is possible or likely that they may also utilize the national bank of 420 MHz frequencies allocated to the RCMP and CSIS, for special uses. All of this usage is likely to be encrypted and therefore unavailable to the casual listener.

Municipal Police Forces

There are three independent municipal police forces in the province of Prince Edward Island:

  • Kensington
  • Summerside
  • Charlottetown

Charlottetown have their own motoTRBO system. Summerside and Kensington have their own conventional 800MHz repeater system within the PICS channel plan.

Island EMS (Paramedics)

As of 2006 the five private ambulance organizations in Prince Edward Island have been superceded by Island EMS. The system is comprised of 17 land ambulances, six base locations and approximately 110 employees. Island EMS is owned and operated by Medavie EMS which also operates EMC and ANB.

Radio communications for Island EMS are on the PICS system.

Medavie EMS also owns and operates Medacom Atlantic. Medacom Atlantic provides 911 call-taking services across Prince Edward Island and also provides dispatch for Island EMS, rural volunteer fire departments and Kensington Police. Medacom Atlantic does not dispatch for RCMP, Charlottetown Police/Fire and Summerside Police/Fire.

10 Codes

For a complete list of codes, please visit ScanPEI

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