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The Pro-106 is manufactured for Radio Shack by GRE America Inc.

The Radio Shack is a Digital Trunk Tracking scanner which boasts the ability to track APCO 25 digital trunking systems, in addition to following Motorola type I/II systems, LTR and EDACS trunking systems. It is very similar to the GRE PSR-500.

The Pro-106 is functionally identical to the PSR-500 and uses the same software and cables. Firmware updates are NOT compatible between this radio and the GRE PSR-500 though.

Note: Testing has shown that the frequency range 796.9975 to 805.9975 MHz is blocked on this scanner.

Included Accessories

  • Antenna
  • Printed Owner's Manual
  • Black non-rechargeable battery holder
  • Yellow rechargable battery holder
  • Belt clip

Recommended accessories (Not included with the radio)

  • RS #273-355 9VDC/ 800mA AC Adapter
  • RS #273-369 9-Volt Vehicle DC-to-DC Adapter
  • RS #273-336 Adaptaplug C - Needed for the above adapters
  • RS #20-283 Radio Shack 800MHz handheld antenna
  • Replacement Belt clip - Radio Shack RSU part number 12418273. Cost is $3.49 each plus shipping. See your local Radio Shack store to order.
  • Please see the Connecting scanners via USB article for USB cables to connect your PC to the scanner

Discriminator Tap

  • There is also a built in data dump which can be enabled with "CCDump" in the Func-Global "super expert" menu which may meet many users needs when used with 3rd party software which already supports this data. When CCDump = "Yes" most control channel and weather SAME data is dumped to the PC/IF port for use with the USB cable. This may save soldering and warranty issues for most users.

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  • Can be updated to support Rebanding? YES
    • See Sections 7.1 and 7.2 of the Rebanding article for the firmware and software links

Display Current Firmware Level

You can check the firmware version levels by pressing '3' while the scanner's powerup Welcome Message is displayed.

A sample output:

  • uP App Ver: RF1.9
  • DSP AppVer: RF1.4
  • DSP VocVer: RF1.0

CPU 1.9 Upgrade

  • Download upgrade here
  • Discussion thread: here

CPU 1.9 fixes

  • Pressing the ATT key during scanning while on a CONV object causes the object to be stored to EEPROM immediately. This eliminates the possibility of the ATT status change being lost due to a Priority check

CPU 1.8 and DSP 1.4 Upgrades

These update utilities have complete update information included; just download and run them -- it's easy.

  • Download CPU upgrade here
  • Download DSP upgrade here
  • Discussion thread: here

CPU 1.8 fixes

  • Adds patch support for P25, Motorola and EDACS trunking
  • Changes CCDump type string to "EDn" if "narrow invert" is turned on
  • Corrects LCD “mirror image” issue

DSP 1.4 fixes

  • Minimizes the possibility of a previous NAC displayed on a new transmission.

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