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* [ Mods.DK listing for PRO-2052]
* [ Mods.DK listing for PRO-2052]
* [[Pro 2052 Tap]]
==Reviews and User Opinions==
==Reviews and User Opinions==
* [ EHam Review of the PRO-2052]
* [ EHam Review of the PRO-2052]

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Pro-2052 Scanner

Manufactured for Radio Shack by Uniden

  • Rebanding supported NO
  • Dual trunking scanner for
  • Mot I, II & IIi
  • EDACS Regular systems
  • Base Scanner
  • Military Air
  • 1000 channels in 20 banks of 50 each
  • 5 scanlist of 10 ID's per bank
  • No alpha tags
  • Analog audio only
  • Unlike most every other RS scanner, the 2052 has Uniden firmware, and is fully PC controllable


Reviews and User Opinions

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