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Radio Shack PRO-82 Handheld Scanner

200-channel scanner manufactured by GRE.

General Specifications

  • Rebanding supported? N/A
  • 200 channels with 10 banks of 20 channels
  • Frequency Coverage: 29-54, 108-136.9875, 137-174, 380-512MHz
  • 5, 12.5kHz steps
  • AM, FM
  • Scan rate 25cps
  • NOAA weather alert sounds an alarm when the local weather station issues a warning
  • backlit display
  • One touch buttons for VHF marine, non-trunked fire/police, VHF aircraft, HAM radio or NOAA weather
  • 1 priority channel
  • Computer interface
  • 4 AA alkaline/NiCad batteries


  • Earphone jack
  • Antenna connection: BNC
  • Antenna: Flexible detachable

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