Pro-97 Display Replacement

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Since you're reading this page, the display on your Pro-97 probably doesn't work. This has happened to me too, so I've written this tutorial to help you replace yours.

You can order the display from any Radio Shack store. You must purchase it in store; you can't buy it online, you can't buy it from 1-800-THE-SHACK, you can't call your store and order over the phone (unless they know you really, really, really well). Just go in to any store and tell one of the sales associates you need to place an RSU (Radio Shack Unlimited) order. They'll be able to pull up the 97 and find the display. As of this writing, the display is $14.99 and shipping is $3.50. It ships to your house; I don't think there's a way to save money by shipping to the store. You'll have to pay sales tax unless your state doesn't believe in collecting money for every sale. In case you're curious, the RSU number for the display is 12430716.

Now, once you've gotten the display, it's time to crack open your 97 and put the new one in! You can click the images to get to a link to see larger ones.

There are 4 screws on the back. Take these out.

With minimal effort, the back half should slide off. If you left the battery pack in like I did, it should stay in the back half. Notice the two holes at the bottom underneath the battery warning. There are two screws there but they're not pictured. You don't need to remove them right now; we'll come back to these later.

The display is samwiched between the front bezel and one of the circuit boards. This board is screwed into the front of the unit. The other board attaches via some pins. I don't know what these pins are called, but if you've ever repaired PCs, it's really similar to an IDE connector. We need to access the screws holding this lower board to the bezel, but first we need to detach the boards from each other.

There are two sets of two pins each on this side.

And just this set on this side. First, gently unplug that wire from the top board. It's the wire for the speaker. Take note as to how it was routed. Then, gently lift the board upwards and this board will come completely off.

This is what it looks like when the top board is removed. Remove the screw in the center as well as the two previously mentioned screws at the bottom. Take note again about the speaker wire. I honestly have no idea how it's supposed to go in there; it's been so long since I did it last. I do know that it needs to be routed through that little hole.

Flip the board up as shown. This plastic piece right where the screen should be is the backlight diffuser. Note how it is installed.

Now you can pull it out of the front bezel. Gently loosen the tabs on either side of the LCD connector. You might try reinserting this before you actually buy a new display. How much you reassemble the radio just to test is up to you, but at least connect the two boards together; you don't really have to put any of the screws back if you're just gonna test this.

You might want to take this opportunity to look between the front bezel and the rubber keypad. Sometimes dirt gets in there, and since you have it open, you might as well clean it out.

When you put the new LCD in, make sure the ribbon cable goes in all the way and that it is aligned properly. Then, close the tabs (you might have to alternate pushing on both of them as one likes to spring out when you push the opposite side in). The best way I've found to reinstall the board is to lay the bottom edge of the LCD into the two L brackets on the front bezel. Next, install the backlight diffuser. Finally, lay the circuit board back down, just like a door hinge. You might have to do it a couple of times before you get everything lined up properly.

Put back the three screws, the reattach the main circuit board. Be sure to align all of the pins properly.

Hopefully when you turn it back on you'll see this!

If you have any questions or comments, you can send me a PM via the forums.