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I got this Uniden DMA Scanner. I want to change the programming and I dont know how to do it

Whether you're a newcomer or experienced scannist with lots of bank-oriented scanners, the thought of moving to DMA can be rather daunting. We have a lot of resources to help you over the hump, but before we get to that, let's talk about some of the basics first. Let's get started; anything in blue is a link.

What Models Does This Document Cover?

This document covers the Uniden models that utilize DMA technology, specifically:

Non-XT XT P2
SC230 BC346XT(C) BCD325P2
BC246T BCD396XT BCD996P2

We have several FAQs set up for Uniden scanners;

The Nuts and Bolts

  • If you're a newcomer, you've probably already discovered that there's a huge amount of terms that seem unfamiliar to you. Our Glossary has lots of these terms, along with definitions. Just click on the term you wish to view.
  • When looking at frequencies in our database, float your mouse over the column header, and you should get a balloon with a brief description of the terms and abbreviations that are used there.
  • The biggest hurdle for many is the concept of trunking. Our Trunking Basics article will get you started, as well as this PDF file written by UPMan. Note that you will need Adobe Acrobat or a compatible reader (such as Foxit) to read it.

Onto the Real Question

  1. Go to the Easier to Read homepage and download the manual for your scanner. See the index below. Scanner Master also sells printed versions of these manuals. Before you go any further, read this - discard the manual that came with the scanner.
  2. Our Uniden DMA FAQ will fill you in on many topics the Easer to Read manual doesn't. It also has a brief article explaining systems, sites, groups and quick keys - key concepts to understanding how to program these DMA based radios
  3. While these radios can be programmed manually, you will need a boatload of patience with all the keystrokes that will be needed. Using software is the method many use, and we have a cross reference by model and software package of everything known to support these radios. The Uniden DMA Software Support article lists only those packages that support multiple models; click on the model number to be taken to that scanner's home page, where software that is specific for that radio will be listed
    1. FreeScan is a popular freeware package that works with all the (non-HP) DMA scanners. Its user guide can be found here or can be accessed from within FreeScan from the toolbar. Click on Help / Online Help
    2. Note that the P2 scanners can decode DMR, NXDN and EDACS Provoice systems via a paid firmware upgrade. FreeScan only has beta level support for DMR decoding - use ProScan or ARC-XT for a more reliable setup.
  4. Unless you're using an older home PC, serial ports are a thing of the past. You will need a USB-serial converter to connect the PC and scanner. While Scanner Master sells the USB-1, there are several other off the shelf ones that are known to work. See the Connecting scanners via USB article for a list of examples, along with an explanation on how to use Windows Device Manager to diagnose connection issues. Many desktop "Business PCs" still have serial ports.
  5. Each scanner has a specific setup procedure to set the baud rate on the scanner's port(s) . This article summarizes the steps necessary for all the DMA scanners. Be sure you do this before trying to use software, or you will get connection issues.
  6. Lastly you need data. If you purchase a premium subscription you can download data from our database, quickly. Alternately you can go to your state's forum and ask for a file. Be specific as to what software you are using, as not all formats are compatible with one another. You can also copy / paste into Freescan using EZ-Grab; however this can be tedious for creating sites and editing will be necessary.
  7. For tips on how to program the P2 scanners for DMR / MOTOTRBO, see the Programming the P2 Scanners for DMR / MOTOTRBO article
  8. For tips on how to program the P2 scanners for NXDN, see the Programming the P2 Scanners for NXDN article

Conventional Programming in a DMA Scanner

  • How do I just put in a conventional frequency by hand?
  1. Press "Hold/Resume" Key While Scanning a Cnv System.
  2. From the Keypad input the Frequency directly ie "162.5500"
  3. Press "E/Yes" key
  4. Quick Freq Save?
  5. Press "E/Yes"
  6. This will save the conventional frequency to the "Qck Save Cnv System -> Qck Save Grp"
  7. If you desire to place the Cnv Freq. in a already existing conventional system press ".No" key, then select the Conventional system from the menu.

Scanners and Software Manuals

  • The user guide for FreeScan can be found at this link

Easier to Read Guides (online)
Analog Trunkers Digital Trunkers
SC230/USC230 1 BCD396T/UBCD396T 1,2
BC246 BCD996T/UBCD996T 1,2
BR330T BCD396XT2
BCT15 BCD996P2/XT3,2
BC346XT BCD325P2 3
UBC3500XLT 1

  1. Model numbers prefixed with 'U' are European/Asian models
  2. Digital trunktrackers can also trunk analog systems. However, these scanners cannot handle the new Phase 2 systems due to hardware limitations. This capability cannot be added with a firmware update. These systems are identified by Project 25 Phase II in the System Type in the database.
  3. The scanners with 'P2' in the model number can trunktrack Phase 2 systems. As of firmware 1.07.06, these radios can also decode DMR. MOTOTRBO and EDACS Provoice trunked systems. NXDN trunking and conventional is possible on the P2 scanners with a later firmware update.

Scanner School Links

Scanner Master Guides

Printed Manual for BCD325P2

Printed Manual for all XT models and BCD996P2

Quick References