RINS/COG Frequency Table

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RINS name COG Name Output (pre reband) Output (post reband)
RINS 1 COG 1 868.5125 853.5125
RINS 2 COG 2 866.8375 851.8375
RINS 3 COG 3 867.2375 852.2375
RINS 4 COG 4 867.4875 852.4875
RINS 5 COG 5 866.8625 851.8625
RINS 6 COG 6 867.7625 852.7625

The six COG channel pairs, originally known as RINS (Regional INterSystem) or COGMARS (Council of Governments Mutual Aid Radio System), are intended for use among the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments member jurisdictions.

Inter-jurisdictional communications is analog with a CTCSS of 156.7. But any member may use the channels for simplex communication or for VRS (vehicular repeater systems) provided they do not use 156.7 (digital modulation is also acceptable).

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