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The Team
The Team
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We the staff at would like for you to take a minute to read the following rules regarding the submission of material to our Web site. These guidelines are intended to not only facilitate the proper handling your information, but to do so in a manner that is easy for the administrators to enter into the database. Please kindly adhere to these guidelines.

We are interested in the following information that you have personally gathered and confirmed to be accurate, either on your own or as a group:

Any conventional radio system data used by the following entities:

Public safety agencies

  • Police
  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Emergency Management
  • Local government agencies
  • Homeland Security

Transportation carriers

  • Aircraft
  • Airports
  • Railroads (passenger, freight, and tourist based operations)

Public attractions

  • Amusement parks
  • Theme parks
  • Public parks

Business radio

  • Dedicated business land mobile radio services
  • Shopping malls
  • Do not send Fast Food, or common use channels (MURS, GMRS, etc.)

Amateur Radio

  • A.R.E.S. frequencies and repeaters used for emergency and Skywarn Nets only!
  • R.A.C.E.S. frequencies and repeaters used for Emergency Mgmt. and Homeland Security Nets only!

Any confirmed trunked radio system data and talkgroups used by the following entities:

  • Public Safety
  • Military & Federal systems
  • Local Government
  • Business
  • Industry
  • Transportation
  • Private SMR Systems
  • Tourist or theme parks.

When submitting any information, especially news stories or system updates on radio systems, please use proper English, grammar, and spelling before sending. There is nothing worse than having the wrong spelling of an agency, location, or name appear on any Web site. Likewise, failing to follow this directive will significantly delay the processing of your submission(s), or may be rejected at the discretion of the state/system administrator.

Moreover, when sending information lists of radio data, please if possible use Microsoft Excel to format all of your information and then submit in plain text format. In general, submit data in the same format used to display any existing data on a county or agency page. Always separate columns of data with at least 2 spaces or 1 tab character. Examples of desirable submissions are below.

A well-formatted conventional submission for a specific municipality (i.e., city, county, etc.) should look like the following example:

Frequency  Input    License  Type  Description      Tone      Alpha tag     Function tag
154.1900   0.0      WABC123  BM    Fire Ch. 1       192.8 PL  Anytown FD    Fire Dispatch
155.6700   155.955  KBC789   RM    Police Ch. 1     107.2 PL  Anytown PD 1  Law Dispatch
155.6100   0.0      WABC125  BM    Police Ch. 2     192.8 PL  Anytown PD 2  Law Tac

Example trunked system talkgroup submission in decimal format:

1808   Fire Ch. 1     Fire
1904   Fire Ch. 2     Fire
5204   Police Ch. 1   Police
5292   Police Ch. 2   Police

Ideal Submission

When submitting talkgroup information, please submit talkgroups in Decimal format when ever possible. In the case of Motorola Type I or Hybrid systems, submit the subfleet in xx-yyy format. We can also accept talkgroups in AFS and HEX format, however we would prefer to receive talkgroups in decimal format, since the database stores all talkgroups in decimal format and converts them on the fly when loading a page. Please do not submit information in multiple formats, as our data entry system will not accept more than one at the same time. Submissions of other talkgroup types will significantly delay the processing of your submission, or may cause your submission to be rejected at the discretion of the state/system administrator.

LTR systems use a rather unique and longer decimal display. Please do not hyphenate the talkgroups for these types of systems. An example of an LTR talkgroup submission below:

001017  Ann Arbor Roto-Rooter (Plumbers) Ch. 1
001018  Ann Arbor Roto-Rooter (Plumbers) Ch. 2
001019  Ann Arbor Roto-Rooter (Plumbers) Ch. 3

Above all, when submitting information please follow these guidelines:

  • Do not submit any information directly to Lindsay, the Webmaster of this site. Instead, please use the online submission engine which will ensure that your submission is directed to the team.
  • Do not submit unidentified information. The administration team prides itself on the accuracy of the database. Submissions with unidentified information will be rejected and not posted.
  • Do not make any derogatory, disparaging or profane remarks towards the administrators, readers, or staff of this Web site. You will be warned against such actions, and in cases of gross misconduct, your account will be suspended and/or terminated without question.
  • Do not use information from other Web sites, unless you have written permission from the owner of that site and can provide us with documentation as such.
  • Do not steal information from other Web sites and submit it here. We have developed an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE policy for this type of wrongful behavior in light of recent events. Be mindful that plagiarism is poor etiquette.

Storing Other Data in the Wiki
Although the following data is excluded from the RR database, the wiki is intended to cover a much broader range of data. Questions about how to enter data on the wiki, including standards and coding techniques, should be posted in the RR Forums Wiki Forum or PMed to W9RXR or bezking. The RR Wiki User's Guide contains specific hints and guidelines to be used on the wiki, types of data that can be stored there, and links to where information on the Wiki Markup Language can be found.

Following the above submission guidelines will not only improve the quality of the data on our Web site, but will enable us to enter the information in a more accurate and timely fashion. Failure to do so, may not only delay your information but could in some cases be rejected by the administrators.

Thank you very much for your support.

Sincerely yours,

The Team