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  • "I made a donation, so why am I not listed as a contributing user?"
    • Answer: There are a number of reasons why, however the most common include:
      • You made your donation with a Paypal e-check, which requires a few days to clear Paypal before you are granted access as a donating users.
      • You didn't enter your username when making the donation on the donation page.
      • You didn't donate the minimum amount as required on the Donations Information Page page.

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RadioReference XML Service and Downloading Data

  • ''How do I use the Web Service?''
  • ''Im using an early version of ARC250 that didn't support connecting to the database. Can I get the data anyway?''
    • Answer: If you have Microsoft Excel, the answer is yes. See this article on how to use Paste Special to load data into a spreadsheet, then into ARC250