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Rohde & Schwarz simplex ARQ, was in use by German, Italian (MFA and GDF), Nairobi and Turkish Diplo services, typically 228.7bd but reports of 457.0 have been noted. Usually found with an ACF=59. There appears to be no "real" name for the data system. Now referred to in Klingenfuss documents as ALIS but strictly speaking, ALIS is only the automatic link processor and frequency management system. It is not responsible for generating the traffic. ALIS is therefore somewhat of a misnomer. The modems generating the traffic are the GM857 and GM2000. Many of the diplo users actually control their networks with MERLIN, the name for the R&S complete data-over radio and message handling system that can transparently deal with many types of data (fax and voice included). Consequently it has many modes. See Klingenfuss Radioteletype Code Manual 13th Ed. under "ALIS" for more information. Formerly referenced as RS-ARQ in the 12th Edition.

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