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The Web Service provides a common documented standard interface to the raw frequency and trunked radio data in the radio reference database. The primary benefit to this Web service is the ability for software developers to write applications that can support this standard process for accessing the data. Many software developers have written software that can program a scanner using data directly from the database.

Web Service Application Support

  • A premium subscription is required before a user can download data using many of these applications. Please see the link for more information.
  • does not provide technical support for individual software programming applications. For technical support of any of these applications, please contact the individual developers and/or their respective organizations using the links below.


This is a comprehensive list of all the applications that support the RadioReference direct download Web service

Supported radios are shown in italics:

  • BuTel Software
    • Special RadioReference/RS Licensing
    • Also see the Radio Shack Programming Software Free Trial article for RRDB Download instructions during the trial period.
    • ARC5 for Icom IC-R5
    • ARC6 for Icom IC-R6
    • ARC8 Uniden BCT-8
    • ARC-XT series Uniden BC346XT BCD996XT BCD396XT BCT15X
    • ARC15 Lite Basic and Pro Uniden BCT-15
    • ARC20 for Icom IC-R20
    • ARC83 RS PRO-83, PRO-84
    • ARC95 Uniden BC95XLT
    • ARC96 RS PRO-96 , PRO-2096 and DTS-96
    • ARC135 RS PRO-135 and 136
    • ARC137 RS PRO-137
    • ARC160 RS PRO-160 and 162
    • ARC246 Uniden BC-246T
    • ARC250 Uniden BC250 BC785 BC296 BC796
    • ARC300 GRE PSR-300, PSR-400, RS PRO-163, PRO-164, PRO-97, PRO-2055
    • ARC330 Basic and Pro Uniden BR330T
    • ARC396 Basic and Pro Uniden BCD396T
    • ARC404 PRO-649, PRO-650, PRO-404 and PRO-405 and the GRE PSR100 and PSR200
    • ARC433 PRO-433 PRO-528 PRO-2051
    • ARC500 Basic and Pro for the PRO-651, PRO-652, PRO-106, PRO-197, GRE PSR500, GRE PSR600, Whistler 1040 and Whistler 1065 digital scanners.
    • ARC996 Basic and Pro Uniden BCD996T
    • ARC2000 AOR SR2000/SR2000A
    • ARC-Sport Uniden SC-230 - conventional only
    • ARC-DV1 for the AOR DV-1 receiver
    • ARC-8200 for the AOR AR-8200 and AR-8600
  • PCR Remote
    • This software is available from the PcrRemote reflector on
  • ProScan For the BCT15, BCT15X, BC250D, BC296D, BR330T, BC346XT, BC346XTC, BCD325P2, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BCD996T, BCD996XT, & BCD996P2 scanners.
  • PSREdit100 for the GRE PSR-100/200, PSR-200U, PRO-404/405
  • PSREdit300 for the GRE PSR-300/400, PRO-97/2055, PRO-163/164
  • PSREdit310 for the GRE PSR-310/410
  • PSREdit500 ($35 after free 30 day trial) for the GRE PSR-500/PSR-600/PSR-500c/GRE PSR-600c, Radio Shack PRO-106/PRO-197/PRO-651/PRO-652, and Whistler WS1040/WS1065
  • Scanstar
    • Spectrum Enterprise
    • Spectrum SentryNet
    • Spectrum Manager
    • TrunkStar Elite
    • TrunkStar ElitePro
  • sdrtrunk
    • A cross-platform java application for decoding, monitoring, recording and streaming trunked mobile and related radio protocols using Software Defined Radios (SDR).
  • Starrsoft Products - NOTE: There has been no contact with the author for years. His website is highly unstable and may be down for weeks before it returns. The status of these packages is uncertain.
    • Win92 for the PRO-92 and PRO-2067
    • Win93 for the PRO-03 and PRO-2053
    • Win95 for the PRO-95
    • Win96 for the PRO-96 and PRO-2096
    • Win97 for the PRO-97, PRO-2055, PRO-163, PRO-164, GRE PSR-300, PSR-400
    • Win500 ($30 after free 30 trial) for Whistler WS1040 and WS1065, GRE PSR-500 and PSR-600, as well as the RS PRO-106, PRO-197, PRO-651, and PRO-652 Digital Trunking Scanners, plus the GRE PSR-310 and PSR-410 Analog Trunking Scanners
  • TrunkPCR
    • This software is available from the TrunkPcr reflector on
  • Unication: G Series PPS for G2, G3, G4, G5 voice pagers


  • Freescan
  • Ice Comm For the Icom IC-7000
  • Sentinel Supports Homepatrol 1 and Homepatrol 2
  • Sentinel Supports Uniden 436HP, 536HP, SDS100 and SDS200
  • ID Tracker III Supports: PSR-500/600, PRO-106/197, BCT8, BCT15, BC250D, BC296D, BR330T, BC346XT, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BC898T, BCD996T, BCD996XT
  • Pro96Com Supports download of P25 System information
  • Unitrunker Supports download of information for APCO P25, EDACS, LTR, Motorola, and MPT1327 systems.

Locally Hosted Software User Guides

  • Use this section to enable users to quickly find which user guides or help pages for software that are hosted on this wiki

GRE/RS Object Oriented Scanners

RS PRO-96/Pro-2096

Uniden DMA Scanners

Uniden Home Patrol

Other Software Packages

Amateur Radio Support

  • CHIRP Supports multiple radios from Alinco, Baofeng, Icom, Jetstream, Kenwood, Puxing, TYT, Yaesu and Wouxon. Be sure to get the latest version from the Daily Builds area, as the early demos don't have this capability
    • Windows, Linux and MAC platforms
    • Conventional frequencies only
    • CHIRP users mailing list
    • NOTE: It's highly recommended that you use the OEM cable that you can purchase as an accessory. This software is NOT compatible with the cables from RT Systems, as their USB cable works with their software only.
  • RT Systems

Integration and Developer Documentation

Application developers are encouraged to integrate the Web service into their products. Documentation and standard for the Web service are at the link below:

  • SOAP Web Service - The current production Web service. All application developers should be using this service for integration to the RadioReference Database.