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Radio control software organized by receiver manufacturer. Links to locations where data files for some of these applications may be found in our Programming Files article.
As newer PCs don't have serial ports, connections must be made between the scanner and the PC through USB. This can present some difficulties in understanding how to configure the connection correctly. Please see our Connecting scanners via USB article for more information.



Radio Shack

Win96 Screenshot
  • ARC83 Closed-source, commercial software for the Pro-83 and PRO-84. Demo available.
  • Pro96Com - Closed-source software for the MS-Windows platform. Freely-available, but not public domain. Decodes the 9600-baud APCO-P25 control channel information from the Pro-96/Pro-2096/PSR-500/PSR-600/Pro-106. Available from the PSREdit web site.


ARC396 Version 2.0 Screenshot
Advanced Virtual Control BCD396T (AVC396)
IDTracker Screenshot
ScanControl Screenshot
UnidenCommander screenshot
DOS packages
Windows packages
  • bcTool is designed to be a simple, easy to use and above all free application to help you program, control and log your Uniden Bearcat Dynamic Memory Scanner.
  • BuTel Software's Advanced Radio Control. Closed-source, commercial MS-Windows software. Demo versions are available.
  • Uniden Advanced Scanner Director - Closed-source, commercial, MS-Windows software. Some versions included with the radio, others available from Uniden. Some demos available. For various Uniden radios including the SC230, BC246T, BR330T, and BCD396T.

Other brands

  • Probe supports the Optocom, Optoscan 456/535 and Optoscan Lite
    • The Yahoo support forum can be found here
  • Pro-Turbo Supports the HB/CE-232controler and the Pro-2004,2005,2006 scanners.