Radio Shack Scanner Programming Software Support

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Installation and Use

See this PDF document tutorial which walks the user through the download, installation, and initial programming process.

Scanner Master also has a helpful page with information on installing and using the Radio Shack Programming Software

ARC500 software User Guide

USB Cable Driver Installation

See this PDF document which walks the user through the driver installation for the cable

You can also install the driver from the Radioshack Software. Start the Radioshack software selection panel and then press the yellow 'Install Driver Button'.

Registering Your Software

After purchasing your software, you should receive your license keys via email at the address you registered with. Follow these steps to register your software.

  • Click START > PROGRAMS > SCANNER SOFTWARE > [Your Scanner Model]. This will start the software.
  • Confirm the demo message and then choose the menu item HELP > REGISTER.
  • Enter both keys ( Key1 and Key2) you received via email and click OK.
  • The keys are case sensitive and must be entered with the dashes. You must type in the keys, do not use copy/paste.
  • Close the software and then restart by following the first step in this list.
  • Your software should now be registered

Please note that the keys are case sensitive and must be entered with the dashes.

Common Questions and Issues

  • I am receiving a "Nothing Enabled Error" after programming my radio

If you imported info into ARC500 and/or uploaded programming to your scanner and you receive the message "Nothing Enabled" on your radio, you need to assign the frequencies or talkgroups to a "scanlist". This can be done easily in the software by going to the scanlist column next to the alpha tag column, in either Coventional or Talkgroup under Scannable Objects, and typing in the scanlist number. When each frequency and/or talkgroup has been assigned a scanlist you can then proceed with uploading the information to the scanner.

  • No data is transferred to my scanner.

First make sure you plugged the USB cable in the PC/IF jack and not the headphone jack. Also very that the led's on the USB cable are flashing during the data transfer. If they are not flashing you selected the incorrect usb/com port.

  • I am receiving a "Init not ok. Can't read user data" message when trying to import data from the database

This message usually indicates that a firewall is blocking the software to access the internet. Add the ARC software to the safelist of your firewall software. You may also see this message on satellite internet connections due to the latency on those networks. The webimport may not work on satellite internet, use dialup or cable/DSL instead. 'Hughesnet' users must disable the Turbopage option.

Video Tutorials

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New models 2014 addendum

The Radioshack software also works with these new Radioshack scanner models:

  • For the PRO-649 select the PRO-404 / ARC404 software
  • For the PRO-650 select the PRO-405 / ARC404 software
  • For the PRO-651 select the PRO-106 / ARC500 software
  • For the PRO-652 select the PRO-197 / ARC500 software


If you need support via email, please contact the Radio Shack Scanner Programming Support Team at:

Addititional information is available at 800SCANNER resources