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  | [[Pro-2096]]
  | [[Pro-2096]]
  | align="center" | []
  | align="center" | []
  | 2004
  | 2004
  | style="color:green" | Yes
  | style="color:green" | Yes
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  | [[Pro-2067]]
  | [[Pro-2067]]
  | align="center" | []
  | align="center" | [|350px]
  | 2000
  | 2000
  | style="color:red" | No
  | style="color:red" | No

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Specific questions on these scanners can be directed to the RS forum at Radioreference; be sure to look at the articles first.
For software recommendations, see our Popular Software for RS/Uniden Scanners article.

Base/Mobile Scanners

Newest to oldest...

Radio Page Image Produced Rebanding Trunk Tracking
Pro-160 Pro160.jpg 2008 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-163 Pro163.jpg 2007 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-433 Pro433.jpg 2006 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-2055 Pro2055.jpg 2005 No Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-2051 Pro-2051.gif 2005 No Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-2096 Pro_2096.jpg 2004 Yes Motorola,EDACS,P25
Pro-2054 Pro-2054.gif 2003 N/A No
Pro-2053 Pro2053.jpg 2001 No Motorola,EDACS
Pro-2052 Pro2052.jpg 1999 & 2003 No Motorola,EDACS
Pro-2067|350px 2000 No Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-2066 Pro2066.jpg 1998 No Motorola
Pro-2050 Pro2050.jpg 1997 & 2000 No Motorola

Handheld Scanners

Newest to oldest...

Radio Page Image Produced Rebanding Support Trunk Tracking
Pro-106 Pro-106_1.jpg Late 2008 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR,P25
Pro-135 Pro135.jpg 2008 N/A No
Pro-162 Pro-162.jpg 2008 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-137 Pro137.jpg 2007 N/A No
Pro-164 Pro164.jpg 2007 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-528 Pro-528.jpg 2006 Yes Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-97 Ejbq03.gif 2005 No Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-84 Pro-84.gif 2005? N/A No
Pro-99 Pro-99.jpg 2004 N/A No
Pro-83 Pro-83.jpg 2004? N/A No
Pro-96 Pro96.jpg 2003 Yes Motorola,EDACS,P25
Pro-82 Pro-82.gif 2003? N/A No
Pro-95 Pro95.jpg 2002 No Motorola,EDACS
Pro-93 Pro93.jpg 2000-2001 No Motorola,EDACS
Pro-94 Pro94.jpg 1999,2000,2004 No Motorola,EDACS
Pro-92 Pro92.jpg 1999-2000 Certain Models Motorola,EDACS,LTR
Pro-91 Pro91.jpg 1998-99 No Motorola
Pro-90 Pro90.jpg 1997 & 2000 No Motorola
Pro-26 Rspro26.gif 1995? N/A No

RadioShack Models Manufactured By GRE

Pro-31 Pro-32 Pro-34 Pro-37 Pro-39 Pro-42 Pro-43 Pro-44 Pro-50 Pro-57 Pro-58 Pro-60 Pro-62 
Pro-63 Pro-64 Pro-70 Pro-72 Pro-75 Pro-79 Pro-82 Pro-89 Pro-92 Pro-93 Pro-95 Pro-96 Pro-97 Pro-99
Pro-106 Pro-163 Pro-164 Pro-197 Pro-508 
Pro-2002 Pro-2004 Pro-2005 Pro-2006 Pro-2009 Pro-2011 Pro-2017 Pro-2018 Pro-2020 Pro-2021 
Pro-2022 Pro-2024 Pro-2027 Pro-2029 Pro-2032 Pro-2035 Pro-2037 Pro-2039 Pro-2041 Pro-2042 
Pro-2053 Pro-2054 Pro-2055 Pro-2067 Pro-2096

RadioShack Models Manufactured By Uniden

Pro-23 Pro-24 Pro-25 Pro-26 Pro-27 Pro-28 Pro-29 Pro-35 Pro-38 Pro-41 Pro-46 Pro-49 Pro-51 Pro-59
Pro-66 Pro-67 Pro-71 Pro-74 Pro-76 Pro-83 Pro-90 Pro-91 Pro-94 
Pro-137 Pro-160 Pro-162 Pro-433 Pro-528 
Pro-2016 Pro-2023 Pro-2025 Pro-2026 Pro-2030 Pro-2033 Pro-2034 Pro-2036 Pro-2038 
Pro-2040 Pro-2043 Pro-2045 Pro-2046 Pro-2048 Pro-2050 Pro-2051 Pro-2052 Pro-2056 Pro-2066

Scanners rumored for future release


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