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| align="center" | SVRR
| align="center" | SVRR
| align="center" | Yes
| align="center" | Yes
| align="center" | Unknown
| align="center" | No
| Shows 11K0F2D in license, indicating digital use, but not NXDN
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|- style="background: #DCDCDC; color: black"
| [ Willamette Shore Trolley]
| [ Willamette Shore Trolley]

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The following are all rail companies with active operations within the State of Oregon, along with reporting marks, railroad class, and other relevant information. The "NXDN Capable" column indicates if the 4k00F1E designator was found in one or more licenses belonging to the railroad, but DOES NOT indicate whether they are using digital or analog.

Please see the RRDB entry for the most up-to-date frequencies and usage information.

Information is current as of 8/6/2013

Common Carrier Railroads

Railroad Marks Class Narrowband NXDN Capable? Notes
Albany & Eastern Railroad AERC III Yes No
Amtrak AMTK I Yes Yes As of 7/28/12, analog still used in and around Union Station
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway BNSF I Yes Yes As of 10/3/12, analog is still in use
Coos Bay Rail Link CBR III Yes Yes
City of Prinville Railroad COP III Yes No
Central Oregon & Pacific COPR II Yes No Control stations for the CORP indicate NXDN capable, but repeaters and portables are not.
Hampton Railway HLSC III - - See Portland & Western (PNWR)
Idaho Northern & Pacific INPR III Yes No
Klamath Northern Railway KNOR III - - An active shortline - FCC license expired in 2001 - According to UP, owned by Inerfor Pacific, operating under this license and possibly uses local UP rail comms.
Lake County Railway LRY III - - An active shortline - No FCC license, known frequencies
Mount Hood Railroad MH III Yes No
Oregon Eastern Railroad OERR III Pending No Formerly known as Wyoming & Colorado Railroad - New application for AAR 18 (base/mobile) pending as of 7/19/13
Oregon Pacific Railroad OPR III Yes Yes Per this post by Dick Samuels, digital is not in use because the "new" replacement radios are not compatible with the NXDN protocol
Palouse River & Coulee City PCC III No No FCC license has expired; unknown comms
Portland & Western Railroad PNWR II Yes No TriMet's WES (Westside Express Service) operates on P&W track between Wilsonville and Beaverton; known to utilize AAR 40 or AAR 112 in simplex onboard
Peninsula Terminal Railroad PT III - - An active shortline - FCC license expired in 2003 - No known frequencies
Portland Terminal Railroad PTRC III Yes No Portland Terminal Railroad is serviced by both UP and BNSF; both call PTRC as home territory, and as such, either railroad's comms may be used
Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad RVTR III Yes No WCTU now operating as Rogue Valley Terminal Railroad
Union Pacific UPRR I Yes Yes As of 10/3/12, analog is still in use; P25 system in Portland has been deactivated and is not in use
Wallowa Union Railroad WURR III Yes No Note that the old website for the WURR is now down, and a new site is being planned
Willamette Valley Railway WVR III Yes Yes As of 10/3/2012, analog is still in use

Heritage or Excursion Railroads with FCC Licenses

Railroad Marks Narrowband NXDN Capable? Notes
Sumpter Valley Railroad SVRR Yes No
Willamette Shore Trolley COPX* - - Trolley currently out of service; unknown comms; *reporting marks as noted by FRA
Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad OCSR - - Possibly using old POTB AAR 53/13, but that is not confirmed
Washington Park & Zoo Railway WP&ZRy n/a n/a Narrow gauge railroad within the Oregon Zoo; carries US Mail and passengers around zoo and to Washington Park; zoo utilizes MotoTRBO, which no scanner can currently monitor by itself

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