Sacramento County (CA) Law Enforcement

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Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

SSO/SSD is comprised by over 1500 Sworn employees, which includes Field Services, Correctional Services, and various Contract/Regional Services.

Sheriff’s Patrol units

SSO’s patrol units are divided into North, East and Central(South) Divisions. North Division is comprised of 4 districts, north of the Sacramento River. East Division, located in the Eastern part of the county, comprises two patrol districts, one being the Rancho Cordova Police Department, where SSO deputies patrol the confines of Rancho Cordova, in RCPD marked cars and uniforms, but are still deputy sheriffs and wear a deputy sheriff badge. The “Chief of Police” for RCPD is an SSO Captain, who is also in charge of the East Patrol Division as a whole. Central Division, located in the central/southern part of the county. is comprised of two patrol districts, Central and South. Various Specialty and support sections/units are included in Field Services.

Sheriff patrol callsigns are comprised of a number-number-letter-number combination. The first number denotes the district(1-8) the 2nd number denotes the beat within the district, the letter denotes the shift(discussed below), and the final number(1 or 2) identifies the number of officers in the car. I believe if there is a field training trainee in the car, the number may still be 1. Often the final number is not voiced on the radio.

North Division

District 1(Northeast)-Areas near Sac. International Airport, McClellan, North Highlands, Antelope, Rio Linda Examples: 11A1 District 1 Beat 1 morning/Day shift 1 man unit 16F2 Beat 6 graveyard shift 2 man car

District 2(North)- Old Foothill Farms, Carmichael 22C1 District 2 beat 2 Swing shift 1 man car 24D2- District 2 Beat 4 Swing Shift 2 man unit

District 3(Northeast)-Fair Oaks, Orangevale

District 4(North Central)- Arden Arcade

East Division(RCPD/SSO East Area patrol)

District 5(RCPD)- City Limits of Rancho Cordova)

District 7(East)- North part of Vineyard, Mather, Rosemont Gold River, unincorporated north eastern part of South Sacramento County.

Central Division(Central/South bureau)

District 6(Central)- Florin, Vineyard

District 8(South) Most of South Sacramento County, Herald, Wilton, River Delta, Rancho Murrieta

SSO Map of Districts Provided:

X-ray-extra/specialized patrol units, usually unmarked

5Xray2- RCPD Crime Suppression Unit

Sam- Sergeant units, for both patrol and specialties. Usually at least 2 for North, 1-2 for East, and 1 for Central.

61S-Sergeant for District 6 POP6S-POP Sergeant in District 6

Lincoln- Lieutenant and Watch Commander, usually 1 per patrol division L53- Watch Commander for East/RCPD Patrol Division

NXXX/EXXX/CXXX- Patrol Division admin/possibly station detectives, such as division commander(N100-North Division CO)//unknown or referred to as a phonetic or as “north, Central, east” C100- Central (South) Patrol Captain N102- North Patrol XO(Lt)

D5XX-Belived to be RCPD Detectives

Henry- Fulton El Camino Park Police(Separate agency, but dispatched/CAD Managed by SSO) Use patrol callsigns such as 1H35-a patrol unit, H4S for a Sgt, and H100 for Chief.

SSO Shifts

Patrol Shifts are divided into 3 watches, Day, Swing, and Graveyard, 10 hours in length. Each watch is further divided to make 6 patrol teams to allow for days off. Watches are overlapped by about 2 hours to allow for efficient/safe shift changeovers

Adam/Boy- Day shift units (0600-1600) Charles/David- Swing Shift(1400-0000) Frank/Ed- Graveyard shift (2200-0800)

Specialty units: Most specialty units, such as Gangs, POP, etc, are named somewhat plainly over radio, such as GANGXX, POPXX, with the numbers matching the patrol district they are matching, with a somewhat random 2nd number. For example, a Gang Unit working in district 6 might be called as GANG62.

CSOXX- non-sworn Community Service Officer

Gang-Obvious POP- Problem Oriented Policing/Homeless Outreach Units

ID/IDAXX- CSI, CSI units are fully sworn deputies, unlike Sacramento Police.

K9(#)-duh//SSO has approximately 13 canines, plus a sergeant(K9S1) assigned to Canine Detail. Additional K9s assigned to non-patrol at Airport and Folsom Dam.

CIT(#)-Mental crisis units, County Health/social worker paired with SSO deputy.

River-Marine enforcement/Boat units

Silver- Universal CA callsign for parole agents

STAR#-Sheriff’s Tactical Aerial Response or Resource(SSO Helicopter Unit///SSO has 3 Eurocopter H120s, and 2 Bell UH-1 Hueys//Frequently radioed as just STAR.

5(Mary/Motor)#-Motor unit, exclusively for RCPD.


CIV/Civil###- Civil Bureau Deputies(Oversee civil court process)

WXXX/WiliiamXXX-Work Release(Work Project/House arrest)

SACCAT/ACE- Sacramento County Auto Theft Task Force/Auto Crimes Enforcement- Auto theft units, usually with single number, such as SACCAT9 or ACE2.

Youth#- SSO Youth Services Unit

SSO has a standing contract with the Elk Grove Unified School District to provide SROs for their schools. SCHXX/SchoolXX

SSO will occasionally provide full-time/part time SROs for other districts, such as San Juan Unified

SJ41 San Juan 41. San Juan “Safe Schools” assignment in District 4.

SSO also provides overtime/off-duty patrol to various neighborhoods, restaurants, etc. Usually these units will use a abbreviation/name of the job, followed by a 1-2 digit number that matches the patrol division the location is in. Wil4 or Wilhaggin4- Willhaggin neighborhood patrol unit in District 4

Special Enforcement Detail(SED)

SED is the department's full time SWAT Team. The team is comprised of approximately 20 operators, 2 sergeants, and several former members as auxiliaries. When not on a callout, the team, both singularly and in pairs, will work patrol, both in marked and unmarked vehicles, mainly in crime suppression or serving warrants.

SED members on patrol will use patrol callsigns in the 90 series(i.e 97E, 90S, L90).

Centralized Investigation Division(CID)

CID has a variety of sections, such as Homicide, Crimes Against Persons, Crimes against Property, Sexual and Elder Abuse, etc

All CID units, as far as I’m aware, go by "Union", followed by a 3 digit number beginning at either 100 or 200. Numbers are divided by assignment, for example:

It also appears that CID supervisors(Sergeants) have very low(close to UX00) callsigns, if not UX00 itself I.E U600-Major Crimes Sgt. U100-CID Captain 2XX-Homicide Bureau 3XX-Robbery Bureau 4XX-Sexual Assault and Elder Abuse Bureau 5XX-Child Abuse Bureau 6XX-Major Crimes Bureau(Fugitive Apprehension/Warrant Squad) 7XX-Property Crimes Bureau 8XX-Crimes Against Persons Bureau In addition, there may be smaller units that use different callsigns, or are tied in to an existing bureau's callsigns

SSO Administration and Staff officers use callsigns beginning with either "STAFF" or "SSD". For example, the PIO goes by Staff210.

STAFF400-IA Captain Staff4XX- presume IA Detectives

Jail Deputies, at least from the Main Jail, go by Jail/JL(###)

RioXX-Rio Consumes Correctional (RCCC) Units

=== Sacramento Police Department[SacPD/SPD]

SPD is comprised of several Bureaus, inluding the Office of Operations, Office of Investigations, Office of Specialized Services, and the Office of the Chief

Office of Operations(Field Services)

Office of Operations contains the front-lines of SPD, including Patrol, Gang Enforcement Team(s)(GET), POP, and other things, mainly in Downtown, such as Bikes, Marine, Mounted, etc, as well as Dispatch.

Patrol is Divided into 3 stations, totaling 4 Area Commands(North, Central, East, and South) [Central/East are quartered together, with separate leadership, at the Richards Station]

North Command

District 1-Natomas, NorthGate, American River Parkway[NorthWest/NorthCentral Sacramento] Beats 1A-1C

District 2-Del Paso Heights, Arden Fair/parts of Arden Arcade, Cal Expo, Hagginwood, North Sacramento [North-Central/North-East Sacramento] Beats 2A-2C

Central Command-Downtown,

District 3-Midtown, Old Sacramento, Richards Blvd. Area [Central Sacramento] Beats 3A(2 separated beats), 3B, 3M

East Command

District 6-East Sacramento, Oak Park, Tahoe Park, College Glen, CSUS, Florin-Frutridge, CSUS [East & South-East Sacramento] Beats-6A-6E

South Command

District 4-Land Park, South Land Park, Pocket/Greenhaven, Curtis Park, Sac City College, Exec. Airport, Freeport Manor, Hollywood Park["Northern" South/South-West Sacramento] Beats 4A-4C

District 5-Meadowview, Parkway, Delta Shores Shopping Center, Valley Hi [South Sacramento] Beats 5A-5C

Patrol Shifts-

SPD is divided into 36 patrol teams split between 3 patrol Shifts(2 teams per district per shift for days off) Late Watch-2100-0700 Day Watch-0600-1600 Mid Watch-1430-0030

Patrol Callsigns

Patrol Callsigns are based on Watch and District/Beat assignment

  1. XAB
  1. -Number of Ofc. in car(1 or 2)

X-Watch, with Graves being Alpha(A), Day being Bravo(B), and Swing being Charlie/Charles(C) A-District B-Beat within District, 1-3 refers to Beat A, 4-6 Beat B, Etc.(SPD staffs 2-3 units(Including 2-officers) per beat per district, totaling, on average, 6-10 officers per district, with 6 total districts

     For District 6-I presume, due to the number of beats, that only 2 units are assigned to each beat, so 0-1 would be A, 2-3 B, 4-5 C, 6-7 D, 8-9 E

1A21 would be a 1 officer Late Watch unit assigned to District 2-Beat A 1B44-1 officer Day Watch District 4 Beat B 2C67-2 Officer Mid Watch District 6 Beat D

Patrol units ending 7X or 8X are believed to be additional special undirected/directed patrol units, in support of normal patrol units, such as 1B71.


  1. S#-Sergeants
  #1-Watch Assignment, same as Patrol(1-A 2-B 3-C)
  SM-Sam phonetic
   #2 District 1-6

1SM5-Late Watch Sergeant for District 5 2SM3-Day Watch Sergeant District 3

It appears that SPD sustains one sergeant per district per watch on patrol daily. Also, if there is already/still is a sergeant on duty in district, a 2nd digit will be added to the final series i.e 2SM33 in district 3.

I also believe that SPD specialty unit sergeants follow the same format as SSO, with the phoentic/name then a digit, followed by Sam, such as GANG6S


/LN##-Lincoln, followed by 1-2 numerical digits. For Some units, it might be based off District assignment, as I have seen LN3 in District 3

It appears that SPD has a lieutenant per command per shift, so 2-3 total per command

Patrol Executive/Command Staff Each Area Command has a Captain in command, as well as an Executive Lieutenant(X0), followed by the watch lieutenant

Captain-It appears that the callsign of a patrol captain is a/the district under the command, followed by "CO" 6CO-East area Captain

Lieutenant-I can not confirm, but my guess would be the same as Captain, but "XO" instead of "CO"

3XO-Central Cmd. Exec. Lt.



   XX-Appear to be based largely off assigned district/Beat. There are 3 Gang Enforcement Teams(GET)-North(NGET), South(SGET), and East(EGET)

RTXX-Regional Transit(RT) police (Contracted with SSO/SPD/possible Folsom) only SPD units seen is RT3X units.




AIR/ARC6X- Drone Units

AIR2X-CHP Fixed Wing


BIKE/BIK(XX)-Bike Patrol Units

MT/MotorXX-Motor Officers

Marine/MARX-SPD Marine Units

CSI-CSI/Forensic Techs(Non-Sworn Employees, unlike SSO)

TACXX-SWAT units while on patrol, tend to be partnered up ARDN/ArdenX-Off duty/extra patrol Arden Mall

SC/SecurityXX- Off duty/extra patrol at various locations at various times

GRN/GREENXX- temporary Hospital Security

CSO/CS: X(CS)ABC-X=Shift(Sgt format), CSO, ABC-unknown number series, possibly seniority ranking

Office of Investigations

Detectives-IVY/IVXXX-number poss tied to seniority/ranking(sergeants lower number)