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[[image:BCT15.jpg|right|400px|Uniden BCT15 (Preliminary) - Click image to view in full]]
Uniden's analog-only Base/Mobile Trunktracker scanner with [[Dynamic Memory Architecture]] and GPS Support.
Shipping started Summer 2006.
[ Uniden Press Release]
* Channels: 2500 maximum
* Systems: 500 maximum
* Sites: 1000 maximum, 256 maximum per system
* Groups per system: 20 maximum
* Talkgroups per trunked system: 250 maximum
* Scan Rate: 100 channels per second (conventional mode)
* System Quick Key range: 0-99
* Group Quick Key range: 0-9
* Custom Search Ranges: 10
* Preprogrammed Service Search Bands: 13
'''Frequency Coverage'''
* 25 - 512 MHz
* 764 - 776 MHz
* 794 - 956 MHz
* 1240 - 1300 MHz
* [[Rebanding]] Supported? <font color=green> YES </font>
* [[TrunkTracker III]] with Control-Channel Only scanning and [[I-Call]] monitoring
* [[Uniden Multi-Site Trunking]]
* [[Uniden_Scanner_GPS_Features|Location-based scanning and GPS information display]]
* [[BearTracker]] warning system
* State-by-State Preprogrammed Channels — let you easily keep up with activity on local police, Department of Transportation, and Highway Patrol frequencies when you travel, without having to program any channels.
* [[Close Call]], with [[Uniden Close Call#Close Call Do Not Disturb|Close Call Do Not Disturb]] and [[Uniden Close Call#Close Call Priority|Close Call Priority]]
* [[Fire Tone Out]] Alert
* [[AGC]]
* [[SAME]] Weather Alert
* [[DCS]]/[[CTCSS]] [[Automatic_CTCSS_identification|Rapid Decode]]
* Compatible with [[BC-RH96]] Remote Head
* LCD and Keypad Backlight
* [[Priority Scan]] with Priority Plus
* Signal Strength display
* Trunking Activity Indicators
* 16 character text tagging for each system, site, group, channel, talkgroup, search range, GPS location, tone-out, and [[SAME]] group
* Configurable scan delay
* Strong signal attenuation
* Downloadable firmware
* [ Temporary lockout]
* [[Channel Alert]]
* [[Repeater Reverse]]
* Frequency autostore and Talkgroup ID autostore
* Broadcast signal ignore while searching (TV and radio station frequencies, pagers, etc)
* Search with Scan
* Startup Configuration – lets you set systems to be automatically locked or unlocked during power-up.
* Single-Handed Function Operation
* Alert + -- sets the scanner to be silent except for "alert" channels or events.
* Dropout Delay
* Quick Recall – quickly navigates to a specific Channel by choosing the System, Group, and Channel.
* Quick Search
* “SOFT Search Keys – let you assign search ranges to front-panel keys.
* 500 (250 Temporary + 250 Permanent) Search Lockouts
* Duplicate Input Alert
* Data Skip
* Multi-Site Trunking – allows independent system sites to share common talk group channel lists.
* Independent Alert Tone Volume – lets you set the volume level of the following tones: Key Beep, Emergency Alert, Channel Alert, and Close Call Alert.
* Key Lock
* PC Control
* Wired Cloning
* On-Air Programming
* Memory Back Up
'''Power requirements'''
* 11.0V to 16.6V DC
'''Antenna Connector'''
== Advanced (and much requested) Features ==
'''Temporary Lockout-'''
Pressing L/O one time while on a channel temporarily locks out that channel.
Pressing F+L/O one time while on a system temporarily locks out that system.
Pressing L/O or F+L/O two times results in a permanent lockout. Pressing L/O for more than 3 seconds unlocks all channels in the current system (or all search lockouts if in a search). F+L/O for more than 3 seconds unlocks all systems.
Temporary lockouts are removed when power is cycled.
'''Startup Configuration-'''
Pressing a number button while powering on the scanner automatically unlocks all systems assigned to that startup key and automatically locks all systems assigned to a different startup key (unassigned systems are not affected).
'''“Soft Search Keys-'''
Let you program the keypad’s secondary functions to turn on/off specified search ranges.
'''Three-Level Backlighting-'''
Lets you set the display/keypad backlight to any of three levels (or off).
'''Single-Handed Function Operation-'''
Tap Function to access F+ key presses. 5 seconds after your last key press, the scanner reverts to non F+ entry (or press Function again to revert sooner).
'''Close Call Temporary Store-'''
When this option is turned on, when the scanner gets a Close Call “hit", it temporarily saves the hit and includes that frequency when scanning. The scanner keeps the last 10 hits (older hits are erased by newer ones). Hits are lost when power is cycled. You can store a hit into memory by pressing “E" when on that frequency.
'''Alert Plus-'''
Sets the scanner for "wife and girlfriend" mode. Silences all channels and audio except for those channels and events that have an assigned alert.
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== Reviews ==
* [[BCT15 Review by Safetyobc]]
== PC Programming and Control ==
* [ BuTel Software]
** ARC-15 LiTe 
** ARC-15 Basic 
** ARC-15 PRO 
** ARC-EazyStream 
* [ ID Tracker II]
* [ Scan Control] 
* [ Scancat Lite Plus]
* [ Trunkstar Elite]
* [ Trunkstar Elite Pro]
* [ UASD Software and Firmware Updates]
** [ Purchase BCT15UASD Software Registration]
==Yahoo Groups and Message Boards==
* [ BCT15 Yahoo group]
* [ BCT-15 Yahoo group]
* [ ARC330/ARC396/ARC996/ARC15 software discussion and support.]
* [ Scancat Yahoo group]
* [ Scan Control Yahoo group]
== eBay Listings ==
<ebay>Uniden ("BCT15","BCT-15")</ebay>
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