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!Unit ID!!User
!Unit ID!!User
|1xx||Lake Delton PD
|2xx||Baraboo PD
|2xx||Baraboo PD

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General Information

Sauk county uses the Expanded APCO 10 Codes. Most departments are dispatched on Sauk's Sheriff channel. Reedsburg Police is the exception to that and they use their own channel.

Unit Numbering

Unit ID User
1xx Lake Delton PD
2xx Baraboo PD
60-74 Sauk Prairie PD
880-891 Spring Green PD
91xx Sheriff Deputies
93xx Corrections
7xx Tow Companies

Pager Tones

Fire & EMS Paging on 155.775MHz
Department Tone A Tone B Department Tone A Tone B
Baraboo EMS 746.8 634.5 Baraboo FIRE 634.5 634.5
LaValle Fire 510.5 569.1 North Freedom Fire


Trunking Systems

Suggested Scanning


Frequency Tone Usage
155.7000 82.5 PL Countywide Law Dispatch
155.7750 82.5 PL Fire/EMS Paging
151.2500 97.4 PL Fire/EMS Dispatch