Scanners and Airport Security

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There is no specific federal prohibition in reference to scanners and travel on the commercial airline fleet in the US. Traveling with your scanner equipment is much like traveling with any other Personal Electronic Device (PED). Just as with your digital camera, PDA or laptop, be prepared to show that it is a working scanner. A good idea is to have something programmed into it that shows it receives a signal; the local air traffic control is a good idea also if it has the weather channels pre-programmed they make an easy signal to pick up. Having the local airport security traffic flow out of the scanner when you turn it on for a demonstration at the airport security point is probably not the best choice for a demonstration.

Remember to keep your scanner and accessories with you at all times and it is a good idea to have a list of model and serial numbers separately in case you and your equipment become separated. It is always recommended that you review the carrier’s specific policies on PED’s prior to your arrival at the airport.

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