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Welcome to the RadioReference Scanners and Scanning Gateway.
Whether you are a newcomer to scanning or an old hand, these articles have something for everyone.


  • Having trouble deciding what scanner to get? Want to learn about scanning? Check out the Scanning 101 article
  • Like all hobbies, scanning is full of terminology that can be confusing to a newcomer. Our glossary is a good place to start
  • What is Trunking? Be sure to check out the links in the overview first!
  • Confused about the new generation of Uniden scanners that use DMA? Check out the DMA Radios hints and kinks category for a list of articles on the subject.
  • The new generation of GRE scanners uses Object Oriented Programming. The Object Oriented Scanners category has links to articles that discuss this new concept.
  • Confused about programming your scanner? Try reading the Scanner Programming FAQ and see if it makes things clearer.
  • Looking for shortcuts to programming your scanner? Check out the Programming FAQs and Tips category
  • Have an old, crystal-controlled scanner? Our Scanner Crystals article may help you.
  • Radios on eBay


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Non Trunking Scanners




Rebanding Supported

Widebanded Receivers

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PC Driven Receivers

Desktop Receivers

Reviews and Modifications

Amateur Radio Equipment

  • Many Amateur Radio 2 meter and dual band radios have wideband receivers built in
  • Radios capable of D-STAR Icom's digital modulation scheme