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Sentinel is a software package published by Uniden, for programming their HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2, BCD436HP & BCD536HP scanners, it's freeware, allowing all users to download and try, even before purchase of the scanners. Both version give the user the ability to Update Firmware, Update the Radio Reference Data Base (RRDB), build, create, edit and maintain Favorite List, Systems, Groups, Channels, Frequencies and various other attributes including Services Type to Monitor via the software package for PC (and not MAC click here for ideas) and requiring a free USB port with the included USB A - USB Mini B connection cable and/or a mini-SD card reader.

  • There are 2 versions,
  1. Sentinel for HomePatrol 1 & 2 with a Bearcat Orange Shield Icon.
    1. Easier to Read HP-1/HP2/Sentinel Manual
  2. Sentinel for BCDx36HP with a Green Shield Icon.
    1. Easier to Read x36 Sentinel Guide

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