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Software package published by Uniden, for their HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2, BCD436HP, BCD536HP, SDS100 and SDS200 scanners; freeware that allowing all users to download and try, before purchase of the scanners. Both version give the user the ability to Update Firmware, Update the Radio Reference Data Base (RRDB), build, create, edit and maintain Favorite List, Systems, Departments, analog & digital channels (Talkgroups), frequencies and various other attributes including Services Type to Monitor all via the software package for Windows based PC's and not MAC (See Below) and requiring a free PC USB port a USB A - USB Mini B connection cable and/or a MicroSD card reader and/or adapter for standard sized SD cards. Follow Uniden recommendation on install.

Sentinel versions

There are 2 different Sentinel Versions:

HomePatrol Sentinel

BCDx36HP Sentinel

Note: As of version 2.01, revision 00, Sentinel incorporates support for the SDS100 and SDS200

  1. May need to "Run as Administrator" under Windows

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Options for running Sentinel on an Apple Mac running macOS

Covers options like running Windows natively, using a Virtual Machine (full-featured Windows inside macOS), or simply running Sentinel inside macOS using a lightweight Windows runtime environment.

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