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Slidell trs (sys id 0c12) Slidell trunking system consits of the following agencies St Tammany Fire district one Slidell Police department Slidell Animal Control Slidell Department Of public works

This system is also patched to the St Tammany Edcas system

The system has one tower thats is located At Sargent Alfred Dr, and has a rough esimate range of 25 miles! and the system covers the southeast area of st tammany Parish

This system has been testing Apco 25 (may 2008)

The following agencies have the following talk groups in this system St Tammany Fire district One (note: thats acadian ambulance can be patched to this system and has for training drills) 24592 dispatch (patched to 154.175 Pl 173.8)

24624 Fireground 1

24656 Fireground 2

24688 Fireground 3

24720 fireground 4

24752 Fireground 5

24848 Training 1 (also sometimes called fireground 6)

24880 training 2

24912 Special Operations 1

24944 Special Operations 2

25072 Fire prevention

Slidell Police have this system and use it for day to day operations (note: that slidell has there ch B patched to the St Tammany So edacs system)

3216 Ch a (dispatch)

3248 Ch b

3280 Ch C

3312 Status (Used for going off duty and tone outs on emergency traffic)

3408 C.i.d.

4240 Events(mardi gras and ect)

3344 Talkaround

3356 Ch h

The system has recently had rebanded and even with a pro 97 and following the system really well and not missing calls. and also added new channels

859.8375(control ch) 858.8375 (control ch) 857.8375(control ch) 856.5625 (control ch) 856.0125 854.4625 853.9375

    • Update**

Slidell Police and fire district one are in the process of building a new Tower

The tower will be over 75 feet taller then the Tower thats used now! (update) The new Tower is up and running and is 298 feet tall (91 meters) Also the 860.8375 and the 851.3375 have been removed , due to rebanding , the old frequencie of 860.8375 is now no longer in use

and the control channels are now set 859.8375 858.8375 857.8375 856.5375 This is an estimate of the radio coverage tower.jpg"