Software Support for Uniden Rebanding

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Please use this article to document how to enter the Rebanding changes outlined below in the various software packages that support Uniden scanners.

Band Plan Base Freq (lower) Base Freq (upper) Offset Polarity Spacing
1 851.025 854.000 440 + 25 khz
2 851.0125 868.9875 0 + 25 khz

As of this writing, the following software packages are known to support rebanding. Note the scanners currently supported; all packages are expected to be upgraded for other scanners when Uniden releases the firmware.

  • BCTool not yet supported, but is expected to be in the near future

The following BuTel packages are expected to be available in February, per their website;

  • ARC15
  • ARC996
  • ARC246


File:Freescan trunk site.JPG
Site screen with bandplan

To access this screen, change the site type to Mot Custom/Reband

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